Dec 01 2015

Shooting Boards for the Veritas Miter Plane

Yep, We’ve got them!

Veritas – Lee Valley released their new Veritas™ Miter Plane earlier this year. Think of it as like the LN-9 Iron Miter, a low angle block plane with a 2 inch wide iron, Veritas styling and improved ergonomics. It is ambidextrous and cuts great from either the left or right hand. It even comes with a great ergonomic handle which improves controllability and helps it feel great to use in the hand. Another big plus is that the blades for this plane are available in both 01- and PM-V11 steels. I prefer either of theses steels to A2 because they sharpen to a sharper level, and PM-V11 has incredible durability and edge retention which is critical for planing end grain. We opt for the PM-V11 when we can.

The Veritas™ Miter Plane
Photo Courtesy of Lee Valley Tools.

A couple of the not often touted features of all miter planes is that they are great for use in trimming moldings, where the miter shooting must be done in situ. Moldings always have that decorative shaped show surface that will not allow it to be laid on it’s face situated or oriented in position like a rectangle would to be trimmed accurately, and as such, the miters on moldings become very specifically handed as to left or right, and they have to be trimmed in those postions on both ends.

If we consider going around any corner with a molding, we have to consider both mating two halves of a miter. There is a left and a right hand side or half to each miter. For instance a 90 degree miter has a left and right 45 degree half. Because we can’t flip a molding over, we have to shoot it from each respective side as it is positioned in the orientation it will eventually be applied. This is not so easy to accomplish with a single chute shooting board, harder when your plane can only shoot one direction only.

This is something a right handed only or left handed only shooting board plane like the LN-51 or Veritas Shooting Board Plane cannot do, because it is chute specific. The Veritas Miter Plane has no manufactured right or left only usage in it. It is a switch hitter if you will, it is as good on the left as the right and has no issues shooting either way.

What difference will the shooting board make? Actually, a lot of difference. All our shooting board models will accommodate the Veritas Miter Plane. Our shooting boards are made so that you can calibrate them to high accuracy – counteracting inaccuracy from wood movement, and use them directly at any angle they are made to set the fence. We offer fences for all the angles that will set and a fence that will set at any angle you can reach to clamp in place. We feel these are the most accurate shooting boards available. They enable you to make every miter trim on every workpiece count. No hunting for accuracy, no shimming or replaning the fence, just calibrate and shoot.

An added feature of our shooting boards is that we offer the capability for some specific hand planes to be used in a chute as a Chute Board Plane. The Veritas Miter Plane now has this option available to it with our shooting boards. This means if you would like to use the Veritas Miter Plane as a chute board plane, with our shooting boards you can.

Veritas Miter Plane Chute Adapter

We are offering the Veritas Miter Plane Chute Adapter as an upgrade to our entire line of shooting boards. In the near future I hope to code this option into our entire line of boards as a direct order option but that will take a little time, so for now, if you want to use thie Veritas Miter Plane on our shooting boards and would like to enjoy full chute board capability, simply order any of our shooting boards that come without the chute adapter already installed, and then order the following chute adapter kit appropriate for that shooting board model and it will come installed.

The Veritas Miter Plane Chute Adapter.

Additionally, there are woodworkers using the LN-51 and Veritas Shooting Board Plane on our dual chute boards and would like a shooting plane for the opposite chute. The New Veritas Miter Plane is a great option for the opposite chute as are other planes we offer chute adapters for. The flexibility we offer here is that the mounting points for all chute adapters we offer are the same, so all our chute adapters will mix and match on all our boards, allowing you to use any number of different planes as a chute board plane on our shooting boards.

If you own one of our early shooting boards before our chute adapter mount points became standard on all our boards, don’t worry, we can supply instructions that will help you upgrade your board so you can take full advantage of our chute board systems with all the different planes we offer this for.

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