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Woodworking Tools
Jigs & Fixtures For Fine Woodworking

Evenfall Studios - Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking

~ Precision Made Tools For Woodworking and Lutherie ~

~ Hand Tools • Power Tools • Shooting Boards and Accessories ~

~ Tool Sharpening Aids and Accessories • Handsaw Guides and Accessories ~

~ Workbench Jigs and Accessories • Wood Shaping Jigs and Accessories ~

~ Drilling Jigs • Disc Sander Shooting and "Patternmaker" Style Fixtures ~

~ Hand Made In America ~

~ We Ship World Wide ~

Custom, artisan made woodworking tools and jigs
that help make fine woodworking faster, easier and more precise!

Take your woodworking from good to great!

We offer:

The Evenfall Studios Woodworks Store

• Top Quality Woodworking Tools, Custom Made For You! •

• Shop Now, 24/7 Ordering •

• Shooting Boards & Accessories • Bench Hooks and Handsaw Accessories •

• Sharpening Tools • Stations & Bench Strops • Drilling Guides •

• Planing Stops • Wood Shaping Jigs • Disc Sander Jigs •

Click Here to see what's new! Our latest tool and jig releases! •

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The Evenfall Studios Woodworks Blog

An indexed, article based blog covering
Woodworking Knowledge, Skill Development, Discussion.
Written to help develop skills, so creativity and dreams can come true.

The Evenfall Studios Woodworks Library

A woodworkers resource offering hundreds of pdf ebooks
on tradecraft with emphasis on woods, metals, and supporting materials.
All for free in the public domain.

The Evenfall Woodworks Reference Section

• Useful to the Woodworker • Critical Data • Printable Charts
• Carpenter • Blacksmith • Machinist
• Craftsman • Tradesman • Hobbiest

The Evenfall Studios Woodworks Links

• Woodworking Knowledge Bases
• Artisan Tool Manufacturers
• Quality New and Used Tool Retailers

Contact Us

Please contact us with questions, comments or orders.

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We are U.S. Veteran Owned.

We Honor:

U.S. Military Veterans and their Service.
~ and ~
Actively Enrolled Woodworking Students. Please Contact Us for Details.

What if...

What if you could take your woodworking abilities to new heights,
developing better skills as you go?

What if your tools and jigs unlocked creativity and design possiblities,
making your outcomes improve?

What if you could own woodworking tools and jigs
that actually help make fine woodworking easier?

Would you?

Our tooling can help you, no matter your woodworking style.

We work hard on our tooling, so you can focus on woodworking.

More great things are on the way!


Just as soon as we can get the rest of that darn barn raised!

Stay Tuned!

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Evenfall Studios - Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking

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