Oct 21 2015

Shooting Boards are More Versatile than you Remember

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Once upon a time Shooting Boards in woodworking were made for use at 90 degrees, and others for 45 degrees, and a few could do both. It was hard to keep them accurate and sometimes they took up a lot of space.

Then, Shooting Boards Evolved.

For seven years now, we have been offering our shooting boards to woodworkers worldwide.

We love precision. We care about Craftsmanship. From the work of our hands, we wanted more. From day one we have offered shooting boards made from Baltic Birch, the most stable wood available for woodworking. We still do. We feel they are the most accurate shooting boards available, capable of accuracy of up to 0.001 inch.

Over the years, all our shooting boards as well as the other tools we offer have been purpose made. Thousands of hours making meticulously and purposefully in a one man shop. After processing tons of personally selected Baltic Birch Plywood into thousands of tools and parts, we still offer our original shooting board, the “Deluxe Shooter” made to the same specifications we started out with. It has been joined by many other shooting boards that share it’s basic design, and offer woodworkers all the same accuracy and flexibility possible.

Our Original Shooting Board, the one that launched it all: The Deluxe Shooter.

We offer chutes for right hand, left hand and both hands for shooting. Choose the chute for your strong hand. Both chutes enable work with moldings.

We offer shooting boards with as few as two angles, (45 and 90) degrees, and up to eight fixturable angles that can be set as accurately as your setting tools will allow. We also offer a special fence for our shooting board that will allow you to accurately shoot nearly any angle you like. Need to shoot thick stock? We can help you shoot that too!

Accuracy is how close a measured value is close to a standard value.
Precision is how close measured values are to each other.

We strive to deliver a shooting board that will allow you to set angular values accurately, and cut that value onto your work precisely, repeatedly and affordably. This means if you like Starrett Tools, We offer a tool that will allow you to cut with Starrett accuracy, while balancing your budget in a way that helps keep our lights on. Making these is detail work.

High Accuracy is not a limitation, rather, it is a capability that creates a freedom. All you have to do is learn to wield it. You can roll with measuring or by hand and eye, precision delivers a perfect fit either way. If you want something square, no problem. If you have something that is not square, our shooting board will allow you to adjust and compensate for this. You can measure the angle you have, and divide it by two and shoot the resultant angle, or even compensate for half of a miter that isn’t square and shoot a companion for it that will finish square, and with our shooting board, this is a repeatable capability in any scenario.

Our shooting board is always able to be calibrated to high accuracy. You can use numerical angles, you can use a complimentary workpiece or a jig that is appropriate to set the fence to match, or you can set things to your eye. You are not locked in to exact or inexact angles, you can calibrate with precision or go full arbitrary.

Traditional shop-made shooting boards are often made with nails and glue from woods that can easily display approximately 1/8th of an inch of tangential movement seasonally. Often this shop made jig is made from scrap materials that are leftover from other projects. Grain orientations are often crossed and dissimilar materials are sometimes used. Nails are not precise fasteners, and follow the grain as they are driven, removing intended precision.

Glue further locks the grains together so as the seasons change, movement often causes the boards to crack or bind. Shooting boards made like this are often restricted in movement in one axis and allowed to move as wildly as wood can in another. This usually results in a shooting board that is nearly always moving in some direction(s), inaccurate, and requires shimming and trimming before it can be used.

When it comes to making a shooting board, we departed from tradition. We build the tools we make, on purpose. We chose select Baltic Birch materials – a wood chosen worldwide for it’s stability and durability. It’s an affordable material, and it is particularly easy on tools. It does not cause wear to the tools used with it, and it wears very durably itself. Baltic birch is 100% laminated birch veneer with no internal voids. The thinness of the veneers helps limit movement along with the cross grain lamination technique. Most of the wood we select is between 12-18 mm or 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick and offers 9-13 layers of laminate. Interestingly, the glued layers do provide both stability which is inherent in birch, and the layers of glue help slow and limit the introduction of moisture into the laminates which helps add stability to the material. This means that wood movement is both limited and slowed in an already stable wood.

It would be difficult to find a material that works as well or better a the the cost of procurement or the labor required to build with it. What do we mean by select? Grade BB Baltic Birch or higher, then we cull the stack for the best sheets available. Each board is selected personally for it’s quality before it comes in our shop.

We take a machinist’s approach to the work. Everything in made in house. Hands, eyes, machines, hand tools and jigs, no CNC. These tools are made custom for the craftsman by a craftsman. It’s a deliberate process. We laminate our boards, Trim them precisely, and mill our counterbores carefully with respect to location and depth. Our hardware is robust and we epoxy our fence mount bosses so they remain rigid and accurate. Our fence design is adjustable, calibratable and able to withstand the forces placed upon it while working, remaining accurate throughout the working process. You never have to shim or trim the fence with our shooting boards. You can set the fence accurately from the get go and go right to work.

Our material choices and design provide a very stable platform. Our construction methods combine a QA process that verifies the straightness of cuts and flatness as we build. We keep our equipment tuned and verified, and finish sand precision components on certified granite. Our inspections are looking for less than 0.001 as we go. We finish with a Marine-Grade finish to help create further durability and help keep the precision where we put it.

Our observations over the years have shown the edge grain of unfinished Baltic Birch moves uniformly at an average of 0.005 inches seasonally, often less with the marine grade finish we use, and we haven’t detected straightness issues on our personal shooting boards that we could place a 0.001 feeler gauge into. I have tested shooting board fences with a backlighted straight edge for years and the consistency is remarkable. I have verified anglar settings with vernier protractors to sub minute precision, seasonally and repeatedly. Our chutes are verified straight to 0.001 as is our fence all before they ship. Our design allows you to calibrate the fence to the exact angle(s) you wish to shoot for that perfect shot at any angle.

We know these tools are made of wood, but we have made every effort to provide a tool that will perform as well as most any material will allow for this kind of work, and we provided you the ability to accurize it as you work. This means no matter where you are using this shooting board world wide, in any climate or season, you can calibrate our shooting board right there and then, shooting safely, accurately and precisely from shot one.

We offer the capability to convert all our shooting boards to a fully enclosed chute for “ChuteBoard Style” Lie-Nielsen and Veritas shooting planes. We also offer this “ChuteBoard Style” Capability for LN-9 Iron Miters Veritas LA Jacks and any makers 62 LA Jacks. We also accommodate the New Veritas Miter Plane. As always, Bedrocks and Baileys of any size will fit the chutes of our boards, even a block plane can play. Wooden bodied planes also fit and work great, and we offer a full line of shooting boards for use with Kanna. Yes, you do pull the plane on our Kanna Shooting Boards.

We also offer our Shooting Boards in three different lengths, to allow you to shoot the materials you need, in the ways you prefer. End Grain, Jointing, Veneers, Moldings, Various Angles, Joinery, Thick and Thin Stock, your imagination is your only limitation. These are even a teaching tool, which will allow you to work above your skill level and show you what you can develop in yourself. A versatile shooting board can make you look good!

We have accessorized our shooting boards to help them work better when used with the Festool MFT/3 work table, and we offer a planing stop to help you thickness thin and short workpieces in a safe way. There are several options for fences, and replacement parts that will compensate for wear or damage at modest prices.

Why do we do this? Easy! Making is inspiring. We want to help develop craftsmanship everywhere so we can all do our best work, safely and easily! We’ve invested in making as nice a shooting board as possible so you can concentrate on making the things you want to, rather than the things you have to. There isn’t another shooting board available that allows you as much versatile mastery over such a wide range of widths and angles with accuracy and precision as our shooting boards. Our shooting boards provide you the fine control desired to create fine woodworking projects. Remember that means nearly any angle you can shoot with accuracy to 0.001 inch, enabling your craftsmanship at it’s best. You’ll make and create faster and more accurately without wasting wood!

If you like, take a look at our Reviews and Testimonials, our Features and Specifications, and feel free to look though all the Shooting Board Options and Shooting Board Accessories we have available in our Online Store. Order today, let us custom make one for you! We strive to create tools that fit the way you work wood! If you don’t see what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

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