Aug 26 2015

Shooting Board Fence Upgrades

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We’d like to let you know that we have introduced some new shooting board fences into our Accessory line, as upgrades.

Stylized Standard Fence

These fences are Stylized Fences, and they are in use, the same fences as our Standard and Double High Models, with all the same accuracy you have come to expect from us. The major differences are that they are slightly longer and have an “Ogee” decoration handworked onto the adjustment end of the fence.

We have had requests for a shooting board fence that adds some flair and for those who leave the tool out on display or like a older motif for the look in their shop, the new fences are a nice touch!

The Stylized Fence Installed
It looks nice! – Adds some flair!

As always, the fence construction is from very stable Baltic Birch, and is worked to meet 0.001 accuracy tolerances. Al the same things our Standard and Double high fences do, but looking better doing it!

To order, follow these links to the order pages:

Stylized Standard Fence

Stylized Double High Fence

Available in all the angles we offer.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out our Any Angle Fence so you can shoot any angle you want, and as accurately as your angle setting tools can set it.

Please have a look for them and our other upgrade accessories in the Shooting Board Accessory Section of our Online Store!

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