Aug 28 2014

Recent New Tool Releases for Fall 2014

The 2014-2015 woodworking season is upon us, And we wanted to share a bit about what’s new here with everyone!

We have recently released a Sharpening Station System called the Magstrop™. It offers the ability to sharpen quickly and easily, using horse butt and suede leather strops, as well as glass platens for use with sandpaper’s from very coarse to microfine grits. The Magstrop sharpening system is expandable, and we have future plans for that but for now I’ll just say there is more coming soon.

We developed the Magstrop with several desires in mind…

We wanted to be able to remove as many of the barriers and difficulties to sharpening as we could. These sharpening stations offer the ability to utilize a wide variety of abrasives over a wide range of grits.

We wanted the ability to address the sharpening needs of most any type of steel on most woodworking tools, knives, and tools that can be sharpened using stone and strop methods.

We wanted portability and the ability to configure the station for the way we need to address our specific sharpening task, quickly and easily.

We wanted a sharpening station that would be quick and easy to use, with a small footprint that doesn’t take up a lot of space. A dry sharpening system that can provide accurate sharpening with little mess.

Now we can go back and forth. We can plane or chisel a little until we feel our tool beginning to dull, and we can easily turn to a sharpening station, and strop a bit to restore that cutting edge and get right back to the woodwork without a lot of mess.

I feel we accomplished that, whether sharpening station that facilitates keeping edges sharp with very little work. Is a great fit for most any tool in our shops, and does a great job for the knives in our kitchens as well!

Remember, keeping the edge sharp takes very little work.

You can find our Magstrop sharpening stations in the Sharpening Section of our website store, or by going to

We have also recently released some new shooting board models. The Ultra Plus, offering eight fixturable fence positions having fully calibratable accuracy. The Wide Board Shooter, offering the capability of shooting boards to the 18 inch wide range. It comes in three different single chute models, and three double chute models. Any of those models can be offered for use with Kanna as well.

You can use our shooting boards with anything from an LA Block plane to a custom Infill Miter plane, and most any bench plane in between. All our shooting board models offer the option of an enclosed chute. Our Chute Board models work with The Lie-Nielsen LN-51 Chute Board Plane, and LN-9 Iron Miter Plane. The Veritas Shooting Plane, and LA Jack plane, and any manufacturers model 62 LA Jack plane.

So if you have been waiting for a Chute Board or Shooting Board Plane, you may now already have one. Our shooting boards now provide the ability to run these bench planes in a chute. The upside to using the LA Jack and Iron Miter planes is that they are ambidextrous. This is very important on twin chute shooting boards when shooting moldings.

Our Long Grain Shooter is also configurable for use with any of our Chute Adapters. So all the aforementioned bench planes work here as well.

Woodworking safety is improved as well. Shooting boards are safe for use on thin stock, short stock, odd shaped stock. Shooting veneer is no problem, and our boards offer the capability of shooting end grain or jointing edge grain to the 24 inch range. We also offer a planing stop that will allow thicknessing in the 1/8 to 1/4 inch thickness range.

All our shooting boards currently come predrilled for using chute adapters. If you would like to upgrade a shooting board we made prior to the use of chute adapters, it is completely upgradable and can be retrofitted. You can also purchase a shooting board without chute adapters today, and upgrade to using adapters at a future time. If you have any questions about how this works, Please contact us!

Our Shooting Board Index

Our Bench Hooks continue to be popular. They offer any angle sawing capability with improved ergonomics. They can be used with either Japanese or Western style handsaws. They are commonly much faster and easier to use than a miter box, and also offer replaceable wear surfaces.

To augment their accuracy, We also offer two different sizes of our Handsaw Mag Guides. These have been upgraded to be more low-profile than ever before. We have eliminated the lower nut assembly on the pivot rod, allowing for increased usability.

Many woods are expensive, and grain matching is always unique. Sometimes the cut has to be absolutely right, and there’s only one shot at it. These Mag Guides are not meant to limit you. They can be set accurately to most any required angle, while holding 90 degrees for the cut. They include relief space for aggressive saw tooth set, and are excellent for helping develop your skill as an accurate sawyer.

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Woodworking season is almost here. Our tools are custom made in a one-man shop, by hand and eye. Many of the tools we offer are designed to help the tools you already own, perform at peak performance and accuracy, while transparently assisting you with your craftsmanship at any skill level. Woodworking is a lot of fun. We want to help you just do it and achieve your goals!

We are always working on helpful tools and have more good stuff in the pipe. We want to help you keep sharp and accurate! It’s all about working to the line and making as perfectly as possible. Please visit our Woodworks Store!

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