Jul 14 2014

Shooting Boards for the Number 62 Jack Plane

If I were to know I was going to be stranded on a desert island, or marooned anywhere, I would wish for a Jack Plane. If I could get any Jack Plane, I’d want the one I find most versatile, A Low Angle Jack Plane. In fact, I have said my favorite plane on a shooting board is a Low Angle Jack Plane.

The 62 was originally introduced by Stanley and has been repopularized and made better than ever by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, redesigned and reissued by Stanley Tools, and is also part of Woodcraft’s Wood River line in recent times. We now offer a Chute-Style Shooting board for the Number 62 Low Angle Jack Plane.


The 62 Shooter™

Some of the cool things about LA Jacks on the shooting board is that it has heft, much like the LN-51 and Veritas SP, but it is also ambidextrous, which makes it a great choice for woodworkers who favor either the right or left hand.

When shooting moldings, The LA Jacks excel, because since you’ll have to shoot each side of any molding in situ, the LA Jack is easy to use in a twin-chute, left and right shooting board, and all that is needed is to flip it over from side to side as you use it in each respective chute.

The other great thing about the LA Jack is how it handles in the cut. It is not a skewed blade, but it is presented to the cut at 37 degrees. The low angle cuts cross grain easier and leaves a smoother finish.

It doesn’t end there. LA Jacks are affordable planes that are veritable workhorses in the woodworking shop. It dosen’t matter if you favor hand tools or work wood in a hybrid way with power tools, this is a plane that can bring it for anyone. Depending on the blade you install, this plane is capable of being used as a traditional jack plane, a short jointer, even a panel smoother. Shooting Board Plane is just another job description on it’s resume.

With high bevel angle blades installed such as a 38 or 50 degree blade, and the adjustable mouth this plane can approach difficult grain and reduce or eliminate tearout with a 62 degree final angle.

No other hand plane in the shop has as much versatility. No plane is be all end all, but this is a plane that is useful and can earn it’s keep in any shop. You may even want to keep one in your suitcase along with a ryoba saw when traveling – just in case… Many of our shooting boards will fit in a suitcase as well, and if a bottle of glue is along for the trip, that is a tool kit that can accomplish a lot!

Now we offer our shooting boards, allowing the 62 LA Jack to ride in an enclosed “Chute” just like the LN-51 Chute Board Plane. All the fence angles we offer are available. The added bonus is, the Number 62 LA Jack does not know if it is left or right handed, because it is both handed and then some! Just use it as you see fit!

You can order the 62 Shooter™ in the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Store, and while you are there, please look in on our New Products page as well!

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