Aug 28 2013

Shooting Boards for the Veritas Shooting Plane

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Veritas and Lee Valley Tools have released their long awaited Veritas Shooting Plane. It is a very nicely engineered plane, that is very adept at it’s tasks. We have a full line of custom made shooting boards ready to order for it as well!


Notable points about the plane are that it is configured for 2-1/4 inch bevel up irons from the Veritas LA Jack series. It comes with an adjustable mouth. It beds the iron at 12 degrees and is supplied with 25 degree beveled irons in either Veritas PM-V11 or O-1, and with 20 degrees of skew, this makes the cutting angles about as low and nice cutting as any shooting plane going. It also has a two position handle so the plane can be used like a bench plane for some operations. In all, it has the precision engineering and performance we have all come to enjoy from Veritas and Lee Valley Tools.

Best of all, it is a very affordable choice for many woodworkers who wish to add a shooting plane to their tool arsenal, and it’s available for the left handed woodworkers as well!


Our Shooting board line is fully ready for the Veritas Shooting Plane. We have designed a chute adapter rail and tested all our shooting board models for use with this plane, and it makes a really nice shooting combination. An accurate tool combination that is a joy to use.

Like our ’51 Shooter’ series of shooting boards, The ‘Veritas Shooter’ enjoys all the same Features and Specifications. It is available in the Basic, Basic Plus, Deluxe, and Ultra configurations, in both right and left-hand models. They can also use most all of the same accessories we offer for all our shooting boards.

For those who work moldings, on picture frames and casework, we also offer the option to add chutes to Picture Frame Shooter, the Casework Molding Shooter, and the Master Miter Shooter. You can choose the option for either right or left-hand versions, and the twin chute shooting board models will deliver with the option to add a chute rail to either chute, or both chutes. The favored hand for each twin chute board is about the 90 degree fence. We make the fence for your preference. The Chute Rail itself is designed to be reversible and ambidextrous. This way if you choose to run a dedicated shooting plane in both the left or right chute, you can purchase a chute rail for each. Please have a look at your options in the Shooting Board Section of our Store.

As always, like all of our shooting board tooling, we build to 0.001 tolerances, from select Baltic Birch, and we confirm accuracy on certified granite and precision machinist tools. Finished in marine grade teak oil, we strive to provide you the best stability and highest accuracy you can ask for from wooden tooling. They are very durable, wear well, easy to use, fully adjustable and calibratable by you in your shop, throughout any season of the year.


If you have already purchased a shooting board from us and would like to use the Veritas Shooting Plane, we have you covered. We have made a Veritas Shooting Plane Chute Rail Adapter Kit available so you can upgrade the board you have. You can also use our kit to add a chute to a board you build yourself. You can find them in the Shooting Board Accessory Section of our Store.

Chute style shooting boards for your Veritas Shooting Plane are available. If you have any questions, please ask. Ordering from us is easy. We would be happy to custom make one for you!

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