Apr 18 2019

Wildfire Disaster: Slow Recovery

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It has been a while since I’ve posted an update. I apologize, but it’s been a very difficult and busy time. One could think of it as the new normal I suppose, but is not the kind of normal one would choose for themselves if they could avoid it.

First, here are some details about the Camp Fire wildfire that destroyed Paradise California.

The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California History. There were 85 civilian casualties, and three people are still thought to be missing. It covered 153,336 acres which is approximately 240 square miles. It destroyed 18,804 structures of which over 14,000 of those were single-family homes. The cost of the damage was $16.5 billion.

We are still staying with family. This fire has displaced over 35,000 people. The local economy and housing market is rather overwhelmed. The job market isn’t easy, and housing is nearly impossible to find. There are zero rentals available without a long waiting list of people who need housing, FEMA is off to an extremely slow start at supplying housing. Much of it is targeted at cleaned up home sites so that people can return to their property in Paradise, however weather and other red tape has slowed the process of getting the toxics removed from peoples properties, and no housing or trailers can be allowed on property that has not been cleaned. Houses that are selling in the area, are selling for way more money than they are worth. Clearly, there are buyers for those homes, but it depends on everybody’s own situation. To some people, it is of value to pay more than market price for a home, to others it’s not a good deal.  It’s currently difficult to find a storage locker.

The authorities are trying their best to put Paradise California back on the map, even though we are not planning to return. There are a lot of new requirements now, a lot of red tape. A lot of initial work for public safety has been done and there is a lot more work to be done just to get back to where rebuilding can happen. Currently the Town of Paradise does not have potable drinking water.  The water system was contaminated by the wildfire, including major damage to the watershed and the reservoir and some of the water distribution system may need to be excavated and replaced in order to make it safe. It will be probably in excess of two years from the date of the fire before anybody has a rebuilt home, they are just getting started with removing six million tons of toxic debris, and that’s going to take a long time, in fact, they project that will take a year alone, maybe more. The easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, and so we wait.

We were allowed to return to Paradise and see our former home on the 15thof December. It took until then to make Paradise safe for people to be there. It was burned to the ground just as the photos on my website show, however on the day we were there, a foot of rainfall had fallen in Paradise since the fire, so all of the ash was actually muck. Seeing it for the first time with your very own eyes is, well, it takes the wind out of you.

After looking through what remained of our home within the footprint of the building, both our home and my shop, which was in the garage, there was absolutely zero that was salvageable. Everything has been burned as if it were in a blacksmith forge, and then corroded heavily due to the rain, and laying in the wet ash. The corrosion is really immaterial. The fire destroyed everything. Anything that was made of aluminum or copper disappeared. Brass melts at about 1800°, and I did find melted brass. Steel was burnt, warped and bent, the hardness was destroyed in all steels, even the cast-iron in my bandsaw got so hot that the top of the bandsaw bent over. Many of our cast-iron frying pans were cracked. Most of what’s left of my table saw is the top. The rest is collapsed. The toilets literally disappeared, and only the iron of the bathtub remains.

The only things salvaged from the yard, was some steel patio furniture that was also damaged by the fire, a few terra-cotta pots and some bricks. Nothing else. Aside from what we took with us when we bugged out, that’s it.

In California, fires happen all the time. But that was a perfect storm for a fire. The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning three days before the storm, and in the vicinity of the Feather River Canyon, which Paradise is near, and just west of. A red flag warning is usually issued win high winds and dry conditions exist simultaneously. What happens is the dry air removes humidity from the air, and moisture from all of the plants in the area, making them extremely vulnerable to fire conditions. All the wind that blew through that canyon basically exhausted itself directly into the fire. 

Cal Fire, the state of California’s firefighting Agency said that the campfire exhibited fire behaviors that they had never seen before. The Fire transported to hot embers in the wind 1-1.5 miles ahead of the main fire all day in a leapfrogging effect. It moved on the ground 1.5 mph as it was driven by 30 to 50 mph winds. Most of the fire on the ground actually passed underneath many of the trees. It did not burn the trees with consuming fire, but it was hot enough to actually kill them. It is estimated that over 450,000 trees are dead and will need to be removed for Public Safety even if on private land. It was a very fast moving fire. The fire traveled over 21 miles the first day. It burned everything behind it like a blacksmith forge. It was just an unimaginable fire, but we believe it because it happened. It happened to us.

Fast forward to today. The disaster is in recovery, but still just getting started. Bureaucracy and weather conditions have slowed recovery efforts. As I said earlier, we are staying with family. Because of the disaster and the effect is has had on the region, it looks like we will possibly be staying here a year before the rental market can open up enough to allow property owners in Paradise to find their way back into temporary housing on their own property, freeing up places to live in other parts of the county.  The county is overwhelmed with a major lack of places to live, and people just rooming with others. Those who could, have left the area. Not everybody can. 

Where we are staying is a small home, just 1100 Square feet. Unfortunately there is not space available here to have a woodworking shop. No shop machines will be workable here. There is only space to work at a desk, or outside when the weather permits. This does not mean I will be unable to do woodworking or other crafts; I will just have to do them differently, portably, and in smaller scale. 

I am trying to get some tools together so that I can return to some form of self employment to help pay the bills and recover from the fire, though I’m sure it will be humble compared to the shop we lost, because I won’t be able to make many of the items I used to. There are quite a few unknowns there, but without employment and an income, as well as an incomplete set of tools to really even get started with, I’m still working that out.

My wife is employed, and that is a huge blessing. Her parents are happy to have us here and this has been a blessing.  I’m trying to stay positive, but I have to admit, it is really humbling to be in this position. I am resilient and resourceful, I am slowly getting back to my feet, but it’s taking some time.  I’m still trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

I wanted to thank everybody who has made a donation to help us, we deeply appreciate all of you. If anybody would like to help with a donation, it will help us get back on our feet. We have a long way to go. There are donation buttons on main page of our website and on the store page of our website. I’ll put in links below so you can find it there.

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Nov 21 2018

Wildfire Disaster: So Much to be Thankful For.

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It’s really hard to know what to say or how to start. We find ourselves going from being extremely busy, trying to take care of all the business of trying to put our lives back on track to wanting to be distracted so that we don’t dwell too long on our reflections. I think everybody does this.

So far they have found that 83 people have lost their lives in the Camp Fire. Paradise, California and its surrounding communities have been being searched by a team of nearly 800 people, are looking for those who were unable to escape. And after searching through hot debris and ash, now they are searching in what is going to be four days of heavy rain, that may cumulatively become 7 inches of rain and possible mud slides. They’re going to continue to search on Thanksgiving Day. We are very thankful for these people.

I have heard that there are well over 1000 law-enforcement personnel and I’m probably underestimating. I apologize for that. But they are going to be working on Thanksgiving to make sure that everybody and their property who are inside that wildfire zone will remain safe and secure. We are very thankful for those people. Police from every City in Butte County California, the Butte County Sheriff Department, and so many surrounding Sheriff’s Department and City police departments that I can’t even tell you where they have all come from to be here. The California Highway Patrol has every available resource that they can send this way, and there are even some California National Guard troops involved. We are very thankful for these people.

Over 5500 firefighters came from all over the western states to help fight this fire and I am sure many of them are still here, trying to finish this fire off, and the fire is still burning even though we have encountered our first day of reasonably heavy rain. They have worked very very hard to protect everything they possibly could. Eating smoke, working one of the hardest jobs with the greatest danger. They come on briefings on the television and tell us that they’re going to be here as our fire department until this is out. Those folks give up an awful lot to come out and do that for us wherever we may be when fire strikes. We are very thankful for these people.

So many churches and Community centers and Fairgrounds and community organizations have organized food drives, clothing drives, shelters, funding collections and so many things that I can’t even begin to list. Major corporations have donated and set up help. And I’m sure I’m not even scratching the surface, of what is being done to help all of the people who have been displaced and burned out by the Camp Fire. We are very thankful for all these people, and I apologize about all that I’m not even aware of.

So many people from the woodworking and making community, who follow my blog and newsletter have reached out with so much kindness. So many of you have helped to spread the word. shared information on your own blogs and newsletters, social media, by word of mouth. My wife and I are in awe, and extremely humbled by the help and concerns that you have shown for us. We are very thankful for all of you.

We were extremely lucky. We had made some preparations, and we had practiced our plan, but this fire was super fast, and even though we ran out of time and didn’t get everything out that we had listed in our plan, our plan helped us a lot, and like most plans that get tested in emergency situations, many things on that plan had to be adapted on the run. For what it’s worth, one of my biggest takeaways has been that having a plan and practicing that plan made a difference, and understanding that we had to situationally modify the plan as we went helped us too. A total of 13,503 homes have been destroyed, over 18,000 buildings in total. That is not a final count. The footage we have seen of our town is surreal. There was just so much fire.

We are staying with family for the foreseeable future. We have so much to be thankful for. We have so many people to be thankful for… All I can say is that my words pale in comparison to our feelings. Thank you.

We would like to wish so many people a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope to each and everyone of you spends Thanksgiving with as much joy and happiness as you can find that day whether it be with family or friends or even in your thoughts.

For those who have sent help and encouraging thoughts to us, please know that we are very thankful for you, and we are working to reply to each and every one of you. It’s a busy time and we have a lot of things that we have to do, but we do intend to reach out to all of you and say thank you personally. This Thanksgiving for us is a true blessing, my wife and I hope that it will be for you and yours as well. Happy Thanksgiving!


Rob Hanson

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Nov 19 2018

Wildfire Disaster. Evenfall Studios was destroyed in the “Camp Fire” wildfire in NorCal.

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You may recall from my previous blog post, that our home, and our business, Evenfall Studios is located in Paradise, California.

You may have heard on the news that on November 8, 2018 a wildfire which is now named and known as the Camp Fire, started East of Paradise, CA at 6:29 AM.

If you have not heard about this wildfire in Northern California, here are some key phrases that you can Google to learn more information:

Wildfire, Paradise, California

Camp Fire Wildfire

Northern California Wildfire November 8, 2018

This fire was driven by 30 to 50 mph winds blowing to the West and the authorities evacuated the town of Paradise immediately. Within three hours of the start of the fire, much of Paradise was on fire. We escaped with our vehicles, a couple days worth of clothing, a few shoes, toiletries, a little bit of bedding, and a few of our electronics and personal files. There was not time to get anything else.

As of the morning of the 8th, we became part of the sheltered homeless because of this fire. We were able to confirm on the evening of Tuesday the 13th that our home was utterly destroyed by this fire, which is one of nearly 14,000 buildings that have been counted as destroyed so far.

We have been staying in an area that was also in an evacuation warning, which was not lifted until Wednesday evening the 14th of November. I was unable to access my email and records prior to that time. The only computer that I had available to me was my wife’s laptop, and she doesn’t have any of our business information on it.

I am attaching a photo of our home and my shop below. This photo was supplied to us by the authorities. We have not been allowed to return and assess the situation yet. This view is standing on the east side of our home facing west and looking down the longitudinal length of our home. My shop and business which I have worked out of for the last 10 years is in the foreground.

Evenfall Studios Destroyed by Wildfire.
Our Home and Shop in Paradise, California.

As you can see, it was a very consuming fire. It was as if our home was placed in a blacksmiths Forge with the blower running for hours. I have consulted a blacksmith who has advised me that even the things made of steel have likely been rendered unsalvageable. Unfortunately, they estimate that 90 to 95% of all of the homes in our town were similarly destroyed. Nearly every home on our street I understand is similarly destroyed, and over 10,000 single-family homes are accounted to be destroyed at this time.  Nearly 14,000 buildings total, including commercial buildings and other buildings that are not used for habitation. They are not done counting.

As a woodworking tool maker, my income has been completely devastated by this. I have lost my home, my shop, all of my tradesman tools and shop machines, and my business, as well as all of my wife’s and my personal possessions. 

I lived on the income from my business, and that income is now zero. With over 52,000 people displaced, and certainly the population of Paradise California which is 29,000 people likely homeless if not partially jobless, I’m not sure what the future prospects are at the moment. It is still too early to know. Evenfall Studios continues to exist on the internet, and will as a woodworking information resource, However, as a woodworking tool manufacturer, currently I am unable to continue. Everything is completely destroyed as you can see in the picture. As you can imagine, I had a number of old tools that will be seriously difficult to replace.

I was raised in my Dad’s and Grandfathers Shops. I have always worked with my hands all my life. Making is in my DNA. I am still inspired everyday. It keeps me going.

My wife and I are starting over and rebuilding our lives. Needs will be met before wants. There is no available housing in the area right now. Jobs are also scarce right now, but that will transition once the fire is out and the recovery effort can begin and expand. What we currently own will completely fit in my pickup with room to spare. The blessing is we made it out safe, we are healthy, safe and secure, fed, and we are trying to sort out how to begin again. It is keeping us very busy.

If you would like to help us, we have two ways you can donate. Please use the one that is easiest for you. You may contribute any amount you like to help us out. We are extremely grateful for any donation anyone can spare to make. We are going into winter without much. This wildfire has massively impacted our local economy as well so there is a lot up in the air. It is amazing that the simplest things you routinely use without a second thought everyday become huge things when they are gone.




For those who have helped or written to see how we are, I am working hard to get to all my correspondence. Thank you so much for your kindness. We are so thankful, I can’t begin to express this. I will be responding to everyone as soon as I can. We have so much going with trying to assess and meet our immediate needs and sorting out our losses, while just being in shock over everything that has happened to everyone who lived anywhere inside the Camp Fire wildfire and the Town of Paradise, that we are just… without words.

Woodworkers have been the nicest clients in the world. It was an honor to be able to make thousands of tools for you all these past ten years. Thank You. Every single one was hand made by me in my shop, custom made just for you. Every single one was my very best work. I hope every tool I made helped you and continues to inspire you take your woodworking to the next level.

For your Shooting Board needs, I would like to refer you to Lee Valley Tools, and Tico Vogt. Lee Valley has always been a very, very strong supporter of my work from Day One. You will not find a better company to outfit your shop and they now offer a very nice Shooting Board. Please give their Shooting Board a serious look. Tico Vogt has been a fine competitor in the shooting board market since 2010. We are both very precision oriented toolmakers and drove each other to do our best work. I am sure you can’t go wrong with one of Tico’s shooting boards.

Thank you everyone for your concerns and for reaching out to us.


Rob Hanson
Evenfall Studios

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Nov 11 2018

Wildfire Disaster. Evenfall Studios and the Camp Fire in NorCal.

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I really don’t know where to begin. This isn’t easy to write.

Evenfall Studios is located in Paradise California.

By now, you may have heard in the news about the Wildfire that has been called the Camp Fire which is raging in Butte County California.

At 6:29 AM on Thursday Morning November 8th 2018, a Wildfire started in the Feather River Canyon up highway 70 near Camp Creek and east of Paradise, California. The fire started during a National Weather Service Red Flag Warning, in 30 to 50 MPH winds that had been blowing through the night. In about an hour, the fire had entered Paradise, California.

My wife and I packed as much as we could, which was not much, and evacuated. There was very little time to determine what was happening, if there was a threat to us and respond. I sent my wife out ahead of me about 30 minutes before I left. Power went out before she left and really slowed things as I packed. A Sheriff Deputy came in the driveway to tell me to go Now. The smoke was inundating, blocking out the sun completely. It was dark as night except for the glow of fire. The fire was close and visible to me as I left town. I didn’t drive back into sunlight until I was over 15 miles crow fly from the fire. Thankfully We are safe.

The fire traveled over 20 straight line miles west in about 12 hours Thursday. It was like a Blacksmith Forge with the blower on high and all the coal it could burn for 18 hours in Paradise. Paradise is a mountain Town with a population of 28,000 citizens. Cal Fire, the California Firefighting Agency has reported that the town is 90-95 Decimated. Over 6450 Family Homes and 260 Commercial Buildings have been counted destroyed as of Friday the 9th. They estimate the number will increase. So far they have found 23 souls lost. Officials have said that the Camp Fire is now the most devastating fire in California history. We are deeply concerned for all 50,000 plus people who have been evacuated because of the Camp Fire.

At the moment, we do not have any information regarding the status of our home and shop/business, but information directly from first responders who professionally fight fire say it is the most destructive fire they have ever seen. First responders were only able to focus on evacuations and saving lives the first day of the fire. Many of them had to shelter in place as the fire overran them and the people they were rescuing. We are very thankful for the many, many people they were able to save.

Footage we have seen on the news is shocking. Paradise, California is decimated. The search engines are an exhaustive resource for information about the Camp Fire Wildfire which is still actively burning, and the Reports that are available regarding the Status of Paradise, CA. We have not been told when we will be able to return and assess our Home and Shop. The authorities have not been able to determine the status of every property and who lived there. The waiting is very difficult. Based on the recovery status of the Tubbs Fire that burned the Santa Rosa California Area in Early October 2017, The recovery of Paradise could take 18 months on the early side, and fully more than five years. It will be a long term recovery in a best case situation.

Evenfall Studios has been my full time job for the last 10 years. My wife and I have been very thankful for all our clients and the support of the woodworking community. For now, we cannot take further orders for Hand Made Tools and Products. I have lost the usage of my shop and perhaps the shop and my tools themselves. As we understand it, wildfire can miss some structures, but with the amount and type of devastation that the authorities have detailed, we have a very guarded hope that our home and shop is still standing.

We do still offer our line of Shop Vacuum upgrade hoses and accessories, which are drop shipped from our wholesaler. If you are interested in purchasing commercial grade upgrades for your Shop Vacuums, I am working to get set up to forward orders for those to our wholesaler soon.

If you would like to donate to help us in this trying time, please click the following link:


We thank you in advance for any help at all.

It is a busy time for us, we have only what we could pack quickly. We are safe and living out of our suitcases, still trying to figure out what we need. There is much to do. If you need contact with me, Please click the Contact Us Links found all over our website, and I’ll try to respond at my earliest opportunity.

Thank you again for the opportunity to make woodworking tools for your shop and your support!


Rob Hanson

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Aug 20 2018

The Evenfall Studios Email Newsletter / REBOOTING

Hello everybody! I hope everybody’s having a nice summer, enjoying the warm weather in the outdoors! Depending on where you are, I hope you’re not negatively impacted by wildfires and smoke.

So this happened:

Today I logged into my email newsletter provider to find that 100% of my subscribers had been deleted. All of them. Disappeared without a trace. After being in touch with my provider’s technical support team, they say that there was no hacking to our account, and that they do not back up subscriber list information. Once it is deleted, it is permanently and unrecoverably gone. I don’t know how it happened, they don’t know either, but it’s do over time. I’ll chalk it up to gremlins, of which I may have been the biggest one. It’s a bummer, but we will just keep moving forward. C’est la Vie.

Alrighty then! We’ll just begin again. So we are rebooting the email newsletter list.

If you were a previous subscriber, you are no longer subscribed to our email newsletter. I apologize, but your subscription is safely and permanently gone. I would like to invite you to resubscribe.

If you never have been a subscriber to our email newsletter, I would like to invite you to subscribe.

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What are the benefits of subscribing to our newsletter? That’s easy. Our email newsletter is the inside track. It is the first place we publish information about tools and any other good news we want to share with you. Sometimes we’ll run a deal to our newsletter subscribers that we won’t run anywhere else. So it can be beneficial to subscribe. You’ll also be the first to be informed of any new tools that we’re offering as well! So being a subscriber can be beneficial. After we publish things on her newsletter, sometimes we share it on our blog. Not always. So it’s a good idea to be subscribed to our newsletter!

Don’t worry, everything is GDPR compliant, we will not spam you, we won’t ever share your information with anybody else, and we won’t drive you crazy with a whole bunch of newsletters, I’m reasonably sporadic at publishing newsletters. My track record so far has been about 6 to 8 times per year on average. If I have something to say I’ll share it with you, if I don’t have anything to say, it could be a while before you’ll hear from me, but we’ll be along soon or later.

Like any email list you sign up for, you’ll confirm your subscription. When I publish an email newsletter, you will receive it. If you later decide you no longer want to receive it, you can unsubscribe, and you will no longer receive it. Easy as it gets.

In light of starting over again, I’m offering a discount to our first five email newsletter subscribers to make a purchase of bespoke made tools from us. Shooting boards, sharpening stations, handsaw tools, it’s your choice. Check out our Tools in the Evenfall Studios Store!

From today, Monday, August 20, 2018, through midnight, August 31, 2018 we will take 15% off your entire order for the first five confirmed email newsletter subscribers who subscribe and take up our offer. This offer is not retroactive to orders that have been placed prior to today and are already on file. If you are concerned whether or not the promotion is still active, prior to 31 August, please Contact Us. We will let you know if the promotion is still active and to place your order so you can save 15%. Remember this offer is to the first five subscribers, first come, first served, so don’t delay.

15% off is The first five email newsletter subscribers who place in order! Subscribing to our newsletter is a good deal!

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Jul 21 2018

The Sweet Deal

In the past several months I’ve had several inquiries about our shooting boards and the general take away from these inquiries was that these woodworkers wanted to optimize their set up so that it would save space overall, while having the most capability for future woodworking.

The question I usually ask most woodworkers when they are having a hard time deciding a tool purchase is, do you know who you are in woodworking right now, and do you know where you want to take the craft from here?

There is no harm or foul in being who you are. You may be a creative, interested in period furniture or you may prefer simple unadorned designs or just be starting out and you’re not sure how far your passion for the craft may take you.

To be clear, a shooting board has a lot of application in many woodworking sub-genres, and every single shooting board we offer will take care of the basic 90 and 45 degree accurizing that is common to nearly all woodworking. But if you are creative, and your desires trend toward making things that are not exclusively simple or basic, then we offer quite a few options that will let your creativity flow much further.

In the case of these recent inquiries, the questions were a bit more specific. When it came down to it, they had looked over the options but what they really wanted to know is which shooting board is the sweet deal that would most likely do the most in one tool.

Before I reveal my thoughts, the true answer is that the sweet deal is what you think it is, not what I think it is. Your Shop, it’s needs and your workflow are unique to you, and the tools that are the best fit for you are your choice. This is what I think is the sweet deal and why think it is.

Combi Shooter Multi.jpg
The Combi Shooter Multi with Both the Long Grain and Wide Board Fences Installed.

The Combi Shooter Multi, Supplied with Chute Adapters, paired with The Any Angle Fence and a Planing Stop. That’s what I think is my go to shooting board for most occasions, sans the need for doing molding work.

Why do I think this? The Combi Shooter is a combination of two of our shooting boards in one. It is the Wide Board Shooter Multi, and the Long Grain Shooter all wrapped up in one board. So you get all of the features of both boards in one, and it takes up the space of one shooting board.

This shooting board is capable of doing everything a smaller shooting board can do, and is excellent for lutherie work, large casework, multiple miter angles on rectilinear stock, as a jointing fixture for thin or small stock as well as boards in they twenty six to twenty eight inch length range. And when you think about that, jointing this kind of stock manually is a lot safer than using a machine. And when you consider fine, rare or expensive woods, and even more particularly, sound woods where the resonance of a wood is important for use in the manufacture of musical instrument, a shooting board can be a real asset in preserving the quality of some very expensive boards.

LGS Accessory Caul Set-Up.jpg
The Combi Shooter Multi with Accessory Caul Installed.

The Long Grain Shooter portion of the board has a 90° fence at the end of it, for allowing you to square up long or wide pieces of stock, but it also has an accessory caul, which is interchangeably mounted very near the Chute. This can allow odd shaped materials to be trued for joining. So perhaps you are bookmatching a instrument body. The only the areas where the Bookmatch takes place need to be straight, so fixture the workpiece with the caul. Whether you’re making a wedge shape for use in a sunburst or compass rose, or any arbitrary shape that needs a jointed edge, this is a wonderful way to hold that workpiece in place while you prepare it for its final position.

In the Wide Board Configuration, you can shoot up to five settable angles with the fence fixture at up to the 18 inches in length or width. You can rely on the accuracy, cause we build these shooting boards to deliver 0.001 inch tolerances, and you can calibrate them every day as often as you like and every time you change the angles.

You don’t have to be concerned about wood movement, you can simply calibrate it out of the equation. Baltic birch is robust, it’s a material commonly used to build floors so strong that you can drive a forklift on them. The typical wood movement in Baltic Birch over the course of a full four seasons is +/- 0.003 on average which is mostly tangential. Most of the movement in a shooting board is in the radial direction so accuracy is affected much less. If you safeguard this precision tool like you would any precision tool, you’ll be good to go for a long time. Over the long haul, A good shooting board made with quality materials and precision construction that you can count on, will pay you.

Any Angle Fence.jpg
The Any Angle Fence Shown Clamped at an Arbitrary Angle.

When you add the additional accessory of the Any Angle Fence, you have a fence that can be set to any of the angles that is mountable on the board, which in this case would be 15, 22.5, 30, 45 and 90 degree angles. And in addition to that, the fence can be mounted without standard fixturing, so that you can fixture any of the other angles between zero and 90, providing the workpiece can be reasonably trued to any of those angles.

The Shooting Board Plaining Stop Installed.jpg
The Shooting Board Plaining Stop Installed For Stock Thicknessing.

With the planing stop installed, this shooting board basically becomes a mini benchtop, that is optimized for planing very thin stock. It’s also completely adequate for planing small stock quite safely. The planning stop by itself allows you to thickness material to approximately 1/4 inch, and if you lay a piece of 1/8th inch, hardboard or MDF underneath the stock you are thicknessing, you can reduce the range down to approximately 1/8 inch thick, which makes for some pretty thin material.

Overall, when it comes to stock preparation, this shooting board can handle all six sides of your stock, allow you to shape it in a myriad of ways, and bring it to a level of accuracy that will assure the fitment unit require for fine woodworking. It’s just super versatile, and it’s only one shooting board to have to figure out where to stow when it’s not in use. Overall, I think it’s the shooting board that does the most, and it does all it’s tasks very well.

It’s the Sweet Deal. The most versatile shooting board system we offer. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Jun 21 2018

Shooting Board Choices For Woodworkers

We get questions about our shooting boards, and it seems like a good time to try and answer a few and share the information with everybody who may be pondering a shooting board from us in the near future.

Our Combi Shooter

We are often asked about the Chute Adapters. Here is what you need to know.

All of our Chute adapters utilize a universal mounting system. So no matter which adapters you decide to purchase, to match the plane that you intend to use with your shooting board, you are not locked into that choice forever. Everything is 100% interchangeable. This means, you can easily remove the adapter if you would like to use the board without it, which will accommodate nearly every type of bench plane, or install the adapter of your choice, we have them available, for the Veritas shooting plane, the Veritas LA Jack, the Veritas miter plane, the Lie-Nielsen 51, 9, and any makers version of 62 Low Angle Jack.

Mounting is very straightforward, three button head cap screws on Standard sized boards, four screws on our Wide Board series, and six screws for our Long Grain, Dual Chute, And Combi shooting board models. The 5/32 hex key is all you need.

The next common question we get is about how do you decide which shooting board would be best? It’s a broad question but there are some ways of narrowing things down.

It may seem somewhat philosophical, but think of who you are right now as a woodworker. Where is your current skill set, and what kind of projects are you doing. Then think about your future as a woodworker, and think of where you would like your skill set to be, and what kind of projects you aspire to. Oftentimes this will help you decide what you need to consider in terms of a tool for future projects.

It may be helpful for you to know, that we offer a very wide range of options when it comes to shooting boards. Different lengths, multiple options for shooting angles, and in all our models, precision accuracy that you can count on and calibrate in any season, in spite of temperature, humidity, and wood movement.

Regarding precision and accuracy, all of our shooting boards are quality checked for accuracy where surfaces will be providing precision for your shooting. Fence edges are calibrated before 0.001-inch tolerances, as is chute flatness, and coplanarity with the top of the shooting board. All of our fences have a calibration slot built-in, with +/- 4° adjustability, which allows you to calibrate to sub-minute angular accuracy, or allowing is slightly off angle calibrations, for matching miters that are not quite precise. We feel it is the most accurate shooting board available and gives you the capability to keep it that way, seasonally, no matter where you live or work.

A word about the lengths. First, all our shooting boards are 14-3/4 inches wide. Our Standard Size shooting board is 14-3/4 inches long. Wide Board models are 22-1/8 inches long, and our Long Grain/Combi models are 29-1/2 inches long. A lot of options from shooting end grain two being able To joint boards with the grain two approximately 26 to 28 inches.

Most of the time, our clients generally choose their shooting board one of two ways. They are either minimalist, where they believe the only real need they will have for angles are 90 and 45°. As such, they select our basic models. Somewhat more often than that, people select our top-of-the-line models, because they believe that their skill set is going to continue to grow, and their imagination has wanted to take them into extravagant projects in the future that they hope to complete.

We offer Standard Size shooting boards that have the capability of shooting from two to eight mountable angles. The options are 15, 22.5, 30, 45, 60, 67.5, 75, and 90° angles. And you can choose from multiple models that provide you with five different options for purchasing the angles you feel you’ll need. This model has the capacity to shoot approximately 11-1/2 inches wide at 90°.

Our Wide Board Shooter is a popular model, because it is the same length as the original Stanley 52 shooting board, and it is available in three different versions, with up to five angles between 90 and 45°. Most of our clients select the multi version, which contains all five of those angles. This model will shoot approximately 18 inches at 90°.

Our Combi shooter has been very popular since its release last year. It is basically two shooting boards in one, and while it is our largest board, it is a space saver, because it is the only board that many woodworkers feel they need. What’s cool about it? It’s a combination of our Wide Board Shooter and our Long Grain Shooter. I’ve just described as the former, and the latter is the Long Grain model, which comes with a fixturing caul for arbitrary angles and a 90° fence at the top, for fixturing rectilinear work. As I said earlier, our Long models can shoot lengths from approximately 26 to 28 inches depending on configuration.

In our Dual Chute models, the most commonly requested shooting board is the Master Miter Shooter. More often than not, woodworkers choose that model for its versatility. Inside and outside 45° angle’s or call it 135° if you will. It’s handy for casework as well as picture frames, and there is the ever needed 90° fence set to accommodate you for whichever hand you favor the strongest. As an added bonus, these shooting boards are available in both our standard and wide board lengths. If you shoot moldings, this is the board you’ll need. The maximum thickness for shooting on these boards is 1-23/32nds inch with a 2-inch plane iron.

What about accessories? We have developed some items that make our shooting boards even more versatile.

The Any Angle Fence allows you to shoot any angle. All the angles the board can fixture, plus if you can fixture with an F Clamp, any angle in between. It is really handy for reaching all of the unusual angles that come with building all of the different kinds of things, and particularly handy when you have to match up to pre-existing miters.

Another handy accessory that many people choose is the planing stop. Our planing stop is approximately a quarter inch tall and protects the plain iron from contact with steel mounting hardware. By itself, it will allow the thicknessing of particularly small parts or thin parts quite safely. Additionally, a piece of 1/8th MDF can be cut and placed on top of the shooting board to allow thicknessing down to 1/8th of an inch.

In summary, there’s a lot of options. Like I said before, if you’re like most woodworkers, most dream big, and go for a shooting board that allows for a lot of capabilities. On the other hand, many woodworkers know what they like, and find that the basic models are a good fit for them, and they add an Any Angle Fence for those occasions that they may need an extra angle or two.

Our shooting boards are made from Baltic Birch, a very stable material, that generally only sees plus or minus 0.003-Inches of movement seasonally. Most of this in the tangential direction. Most of the accuracy surfaces that are important on the shooting board are positioned to the radial edge, and the movement is commonly half that of tangential seasonally. We always recommend you should calibrate before using the shooting boards each working session. This always assures that the accuracy is there, and your work turns out precisely the way you hoped.

The main two links you need to sort out these options are:

The Shooting Board section, and the Shooting Board Accessory section of our web store.

I hope this helps you decide which shooting board or boards may be the right tools for your shop. We are always happy to take your questions, it isn’t any trouble at all, we are here to help you find the right tool for your shop and help you make your dreams and ambitions in woodworking a reality. So feel free to contact us via email with those questions, and we will try to answer them as promptly as we can. We are happy to say that we have been here building shooting boards for the woodworkers of the world for 10 years now. Being able to bring precision and accuracy to woodworking is a large part of that puzzle.

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Dec 29 2017

Woodworking Tool Talk

It’s always fun to talk tools, Right? So I thought it would be a good time to talk about a few of the tools we offer here at Evenfall Studios.

We are best known for our shooting boards, and for nine years now we have been making them for woodworkers all over the world. Every single shooting board is made by one guy in his shop, hands, eyes, careful measurements, and stubborn meticulousness.

We started with the shooting board that is now known as the Deluxe Shooter, and we have expanded on that to include shooting boards that shoot with a single or double chute, from the left hand or right, with a single or double chute.

We have built in the capability to accurately shoot from two to eight angles on our single chute shooting boards, and from three to five different angles on our double chute boards.

We have also included shooting boards that allow you to do everything from the usual lengths and widths in our standard size shooting boards, and have included the ability to easily shoot wide boards at most of the commonly used angles, and long grain as well as super wide boards, so that you can perfect your projects in veneering, lutherie and large casework.

The coolest thing about our shooting boards, we think, is that you can calibrate them to complete and total accuracy every day of the year, no matter where you are. A tool that can overcome wood movement, and provide you with the angles you exactly need. And with flexibility, you are not locked into any specific angle at all, there is even room to calibrate off angle if that’s what you need. In other words, our shooting boards will give you, accurately, any angle you need. All you have to do is calibrate.

Our accessories allow you to shoot both thick and thin boards. We have a fence that you can set with a clamp, which will allow you to shoot any angle between zero and roughly 90° with all of the accuracy possible. We even offer a planing stop for our shooting boards that will allow you to easily plane down to the 1/4 inch thickness, and by laying a piece of 1/8th masonite under your work, in front of the planing stop, you can easily play into the 1/8 inch thickness range.

We offer adapters for every board that we make that will allow you to use any of our shooting boards as a “chute” board, that allows you to enclose a hand plane in a track, for greater ease of use, and perhaps even higher accuracy. Most any shooting board plane, as well as the low angle bench planes can take advantage of this.

Without chute adapters installed, our shooting boards will accommodate any bench plane, any make or model from a number one through a number eight, most block planes, most any wooden plane that was built with parallel sides that are square to the sole. We even offer shooting boards for use with Kanna. So if your desire is to work with Japanese tools, you can have a shooting board for that.

Why do we make so many different kinds of shooting board? Because people work wood so many different ways. We’ve figured out that we could give you the options and all of the accuracy that you’ll need, and so we did. You would be surprised, woodworkers choose to buy every model that we offer, because of the way they work wood. The only way to figure out which one is the best, is to think about which options for you. Beyond that, all our shooting boards will give you all of the accuracy you will need, at every angle they will shoot.

It wasn’t lost on us, that you might need to have a fixture to help you saw. The common miter box isn’t quite as ergonomic as we would like, particularly when we are cutting all of these uncommon angles. We offer a fixture that will help you solve these angles, and do it without having to become a contortionist. If you’re hesitant that you cannot keep your saw square or straight to the work, we also build magnetic side guides that are fully adjustable to any angle that will help keep your aim true.

We realize that shooting end grain and such can help dull a blade. Rather than force you back to your sharpening gear every few minutes to retune the edge, we offer a number of different stropping systems that do have the ability to reach into the dullness and sharpen it back up, without having to do a major grind on your blades. This saves you a ton of time and keeps you woodworking when what you really want to do is build your project instead of sharpening your tools.

The key to keeping your tools sharp is to sharpen them frequently and sharpen them often. This does not mean that you go grab your coarsest stone and go to work rebuilding the edge every time. This means stropping with honing compounds while you are woodworking. We have tools in our shop that haven’t seen an abrasive in more than a couple of years. There has been no damage, we just keep them stropped and working.

Of course you can spend hundreds of dollars on the finest water stones if that’s what you prefer to have, but are sharpening stations can accommodate sandpaper sharpening, you know, the good old scary sharp system. Only the thing is, the advisement that’s out there on the Internet that claim you’ll spend a lot of money on sandpaper isn’t exactly correct when you spend more of your time stropping. The whole trick is to try not to let your tools get so dull that you need to use course abrasives to repair the damage.

Yet, you use a lot less sandpaper that way. But when it comes to needing any abrasives that you could possibly need, Sand paper actually does cover all of the bases and then some. Every knife in the world is made on a belt sander. Every abrasive you could ever want to have is available in sandpaper, and if you’re a diligent stropper, it will be rare that you need to touch up very often. Sharper tools just work better, and your own experience with sharp tools will tell you when it’s time to strop.

Another advantage of course, is not having to completely disassemble your irons from the chip breakers, because stropping is a dry system, and so no moisture is present. It simply means that you pop the blade Assembly out of the plane, strop it, put it back and take a test shaving and you’re back in business. It keeps you sharp in just a couple of minutes. With a chisel there’s nothing to disassemble, you simply take it out of the cut, strop it, wipe it off, and return it to work.

We also wanted to remind you that we have lots of other goodies here on the website. We have the woodwork’s library, filled with over 200 books about woodworking and other trade crafts that are related. We have a full reference section, and we have a great deal of woodworking information right here in all of our indexed blog articles that will help keep you going, if there’s any kind of how to that you need to figure out in woodworking.

We feel that we offer tools that can help take your woodworking from good to great. We hope that you perceive them as being of great value and versatility to your work. They are all about where the rubber meets the road, and making your woodworking projects with all the precision possible.

If you would like to browse at all of the different tools in our store, just scroll to the top of this page and click on the button called store. If you’d like to place an order, our online store is open 24 seven, and if you would rather discuss your order with us via the phone, we can arrange to help you make that call, and we have recently added the ability to allow you to place your order over the phone with us if that is what you would prefer. Yes! you can phone it in if you wanna! Just contact us via email and let us know you’d like to do that and we will set it up! We look forward to hearing from you! Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we are happy to ship internationally via the postal services.

We wanted to say thank you for your business. We are going into our 10th year here, and as a small business that focuses on building tools for woodworkers, we couldn’t have done it without you. We hope that those of you have who have not had the chance to become our clients will consider it. It is our goal to help woodworkers everywhere, building things better. We realize that Shooting boards aren’t the easiest thing in the world to make accurately, but we’ve got that down and we can make you a nice one that we feel is the most accurate and versatile shooting board available. We can also help keep your saws sawing straight, and your edge tools sharp.

If your layout is accurate, and you’re cutting on the waste side of the line, we can help get you the rest of the way to the line with all of the accuracy you need. A shooting board Will make you look good!

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Dec 23 2017

New ways to Complete Purchases at Evenfall Studios.

In addition to the shopping cart processing we offer on our website which includes PayPal, We have recently added a non-PayPal credit/debit card processor to help our clients complete their purchases at Evenfall Studios. This is good news for both our clients and for us, because it offers new purchasing options that we haven’t been able to offer you before. We are excited to share this news with you. But first, here’s a little backstory.

For the most part, a very large player in purchase processing on the Internet is PayPal. PayPal not only has its own function of placing your money that you load into an account at PayPal, for the purposes of funding your purchase, but they also are an online credit card processor. However, sometimes the rules that PayPal uses are not a good fit for the way everyone would prefer to transact business.

Over the years, we have had a number of clients bring to our attention, that PayPal is not their favorite purchase processor. In fact, a number of our clients have expressed their reservations about PayPal, for a number of different reasons and experiences, based on rules and practices that PayPal has had down through the years, which has had the effect of causing some people to close their PayPal accounts and choose not to make payments that are processed through PayPal.

This does not necessarily make PayPal a bad payment processing partner, but we understand why some of our clients have reservations based on their perceptions and experiences, and completely respect that. While we are going to continue to offer PayPal processing as an option for purchases here on the Evenfall Studios website, we kept our eye on the horizon for additional ways to help our clients complete their purchases with us.

We listened to what our clients wished we could do. We went shopping for the right partner to help us with this. Finally, we have found a card processor who can provide us the ability to not only process card purchases via telephone, but also in person with card chip and swipe capabilities, and the merchant costs and fees are commensurate with our perceived value of the service.

So here is what we can offer clients who wish to make purchases at Evenfall Studios:

  1. Our website still works as it always has – as a complete catalog of our tools and accessories, which can be purchased with our shopping cart buttons on each product page. Using our online shopping cart will allow you the choice of purchasing with PayPal. Alternatively, Credit Card Processing online is accomplished via PayPal for Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and Debit Cards with those logos.

  2. If you would prefer to place your order with us using NON-PayPal card processing, or would like to discuss your woodworking tool needs with us prior to purchasing – Via Telephone, we are happy to help. Please Contact Us via email with your best phone contact information, outlining what you’d like to discuss and that you would like us to call you back. We will try and call you back at a best time for you during our business hours which are 8 AM – 4:30 PM Pacific time, US. Monday through Friday. If you need a callback outside of business hours, we can usually arrange that too if needed.

  3. We realize that some woodworkers would like to discuss tools and applications, or customizations they may wish to have made to their tool(s) before they buy and would like to call the order in. We get that, and now we can place your orders with us via telephone. We hope this will help you in your efforts to buy the tooling for your shop that will meet your needs! If this is your want, please email us and let us know. We will set up a callback time to help you!

  4. Our new processor enables us to run Cards via Chip, Swipe or Phone. We can process Credit or Debit Cards with the VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and JCB Logos. We can also process Gift Cards with those logos, and are open to helping you make your purchases with more than one card if that helps. We can also take your Card Payments if you reside or are outside of the United States. To avoid paying international calling rates, we can be contacted via WhatsApp or perhaps Skype for secure conversations with no calling charges.

We hope that you find this new information helpful. We want to make purchasing as easy as possible and look forward to hearing from you soon here at Evenfall Studios!

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Dec 15 2017

Shooting Boards for Woodworking and More

As you know, Evenfall Studios is a tool making company best known for our custom made shooting boards, as well as some other helpful tools for woodworking. You may be in the market for any number of these tools, and you may be interested in learning more about them.

First off, there is a great deal of information about every tool and product we offer on each individual product page on our website. These pages are really easy to acces by clicking the Store link at the top of nearly webpage on our site. When it comes to shooting boards alone, we probably offer over 50 variations that will allow you to dial in and get the tool that will work best for you. None of our shooting boards are a one trick pony, they are all very durable, and accurate, even after many years of use. They are a versatile and valuable tool in any shop.

Do you still need more information? We have written a large number of blog articles, so let me take a couple minutes and talk about our website, it’s navigation and maybe some information you may not have known that we have.

Something we want to remind everyone about our website, is that it is set up to be a searchable and researchable resource for woodworkers. You have free access to it, anytime.

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