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Product Reviews and Testimonials

Evenfall Studios - Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking

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Christopher Schwarz, Editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine

Reviewed the 'Deluxe Shooter' in July 2009.



We are honored that our shooting boards were selected for
The 2010 top ten events, tools, books, and people by Al Navas at the Sandal Woods Blog.


Additionally, you can read Al's review of our "Deluxe Shooter"


"Rob, I just wanted to let you know that after a few months of getting to actually USE the shooting board, I'm even happier with it now than when it arrived. In my opinion, there are two major 'soft spots' in shooting board designs, and I think you've aced both of them. First - on accuracy: the precision of the inserts and fence securing hardware is fantastic. It holds a setting dead-on, but also makes it incredibly simple to readjust it. Second - in terms of longevity, I think the combination of materials, workmanship, and thinking behind the Evenfall Studios board design is brilliant. I fully expect it to be every bit as accurate in a decade as it was when it arrived.


I know there are people who may think it silly to reach into your wallet to buy a shooting board, but speaking as someone whose made quite a few of them over the years, I have no regrets whatsoever. It's quite frankly a better built tool in every way than I would ever make for myself, and I also see it as one of the most important tools in my shop - its accuracy affects almost every piece of work that comes out of my shop. It's earned a permanent spot hanging from the underside of my workbench.

Kudos, and thanks, for a fine, fine piece of craftsmanship."

Raney Nelson, DAED Toolworks


Wilbur Pan reviewed our "Kanna Shooter" on his giant Cypress blog.


"This modification of Rob's shooting board works great with Japanese planes."

Please read the whole review



"In the last few months I have had the privilege of owning one of Rob Hanson's Long Grain Shooting Boards.

A few of my woodworking friends asked why buy that when you can drop your piece of wood into one of your vises on your bench and joint the edges that way. In reality they are quite correct but what sold me on the idea was the fact that by placing the wood on the Long Grain Shooter, I was able to plane the side grain easier and faster.

Unlike doing this in a vise I have no issues of perhaps not being completely square on the board and causing one side to be lower than the other. It has also stopped me from having a banana look where the ends are lower then the middle.

The board itself is 30 inches and gives you over 24 inches of side grain to work on if the fence is in place. Rob also offers a caul for the board that allows you to fixture and joint odd shaped pieces or set them at various angles.

The beauty of Rob's shooting boards is that they are so accurate. They will bring out the best from any plane. I have tested them with planes from custom infills to bedrocks. Rob puts in an amazing amount of craftsmanship, skill and love into each board. Truly these are first class tools that any woodworker that uses planes should own, and those that do not should consider.

These are truly magnificent tools. Thank you."

Fred West, West Chester, PA


"I love the shooting board Rob built for me. For the work I do, it is the perfect size and setup.

The construction is first rate, and the adjustable fence is beautifully set up to allow versatility and great accuracy. The small dust groove along the side of the chute is a very thoughtful detail that makes a big difference. Overall, This is a shooting board that will last a lifetime.


I use a Lie-Nielsen Low Angle Jack Plane, and the combination is ideal for me.

If you want a shooting board that is a pure pleasure to use as well as functionally dialed in perfectly, I highly recommend one of Rob's boards."

Geoff B, Truckee, CA


"Hi Rob, I am quite pleased with the board. I just gave it a test "drive" as I have been building a new Roubo bench and have been putting all of my energy into the bench. The test worked exactly as advertised and I am eager to put it to full use."

Joe M, Chicago, IL


"I did get a chance to put the shooting board through it's paces for the first time just last week when making the transitions blocks on a table. Using my LV LA block as the shoot plane it performed like a dream. My old board did a terrible of job of shooting endgrain on very small pieces like these blocks (3/4" thick, about 1" wide and 1 1/2" long) but yours performed perfectly, no trouble keeping the blocks in place and virtually no spelching either."

Josh B, Houston, TX


"Nice work. I actually enjoy the thought that it will last me the rest of my days."

Peter L, Seattle, WA


"It works extremely well. It looks like It belongs in my shop. It is very accurate. I am getting ready to make a bunch of picture frames. I am sure I will put your shooting board through its paces."

Jerry D, Vienna, VA


I originally purchased my Deluxe Shooter from Evenfall Studios before the LN #51 was produced. I now own the LN #51 and needed to upgrade to a "Chute" style shooting board. I was happy to see Evenfall Studios had made a kit available so I could retrofit my shooting board for use with the 51.

Installing the rail for the Lie-Nielsen #51 shooting plane on my board was a fairly quick and simple operation. The instructions are clear and easily followed. It is not a big deal; just take your time.

I clamped the board to the bench, set the plane in the chute and clamped the rail tightly against its side. Once the rail was secure and aligned, I used a small center punch and eyeball calibrations to mark the horizontal and vertical center of all three bolt holes on the edge of the chute.

Removing the bottom cleat simplified the drilling operation. Before turning the drill press on, I carefully aligned the bit to my layout for each hole, then drilled just through the bottom of the chute.

Next, I drilled a 1/4-inch hole in a small piece of scrap wood to align the 1/4-20 tap as vertical as possible and tapped the mounting holes. Then I removed any burrs around the holes, set the rail in place, ran the three Stainless Steel bolts down to just snug.

Alignment was easy. I set the plane in the chute, held the rail against the plane with my fingers, tightened the bolts, (occasionally sliding the plane back and forth to assure it wasnÕt binding anywhere,) waxed the chute and the plane slid like butter on hot glass. After adjusting the plane, I was hearing the whisper of tiny, thin shavings as they curled off the blade.

Amos B, Enid, OK


I bought a shooting board from you more than 2 years ago and first used it yesterday to miter a three inch wide white oak frame. Though the process was new to me, your fine product and well written instructions allowed me to do a nice job. Your shooting board has given me precision I had never approached before. It is constructed as a legacy product.

Bruce M, Loretto, MN


I received the shooter board in good order, and I am very pleased! It works just like it should (in other words, not at all like the one I tried to make myself!) I am amazed at how well it works. Again, thanks, the shooting board is just what I needed and wanted.

John V, Semmes, AL


The board is great. Thanks, I really appreciate it. It is working out perfect for my project. Two octagon shaped poker tables. That means a whole bunch of 22.5 degree angles for all of the trim, chip trays, etc. Your board is critical to make all of them fit just right.

It is a pleasure to work with someone who cares about the product and the customer and who takes pride in their work. Just the packaging alone tells me how much you care about your customer's satisfaction.

I will recommend you and your products to everyone I deal with. You get my business for any other products you make now or in the future that I may need (or just want!)

Tim N, Valencia, CA


I just wanted to email you and tell you I'm having a blast with the shooting board you made for me! I have used it every day I've had a chance to do some woodworking! The Veritas Shooting Plane I bought from Lee Valley to go with it is a charm too! The combination is unstoppable!

I think the thing I like the best and didn't know it came that way was the fact I can adjust the angle to a point that works for me, for example, if the angle is a little bit less than forty five. etc. At first I was worried about that part (requirement to set it exactly at 45 degrees, for instance) but now with the other good equipment I have [...], that is an easy thing to do. I just made a frame for my daughter's bathroom mirror and I was able to adjust the 45 degree angles so it fit perfectly! Very happy! Thanks!

Robert S, Columbus, OH


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