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Recommended Reading

Evenfall Studios - Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking

~ Artisan Made Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs
for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking ~

Handcrafted in Northern California USA • We Ship Internationally


The Recommended Reading section is a small compiliation of informational links
which provide a lot of skill development for woodworkers.

While not comprehensive, we hope you'll find something to enjoy!

~  Blogs  ~

Anthony Hay Cabinet Shop Blog
18th century woodworking from the Colonial Williamsburg Woodworking Blog.

Brese Plane Blog
An infill plane maker discusses his craft.

Chair Notes: Peter Galbert
Perceptions on Chair Making.

Design Matters with George Walker
Develop your eye for design.

Don's Barn on White Run
Don Williams, Furniture Maker, Conservator, Historian, Translator.

Off Grid Sustenance Living with Scott and Aki, owners and makers at Caribou Blades.

Hyperkitten Blog With Josh Clark
...Funny Name, Good Tools. A great source for old tools.

Karl Holtley: From the Workshop
An inside look at infill plane-craft, from an artist-master machinist.

Tony Konovaloff: Cabinetmaker
An insightful, philosophical look at a cabinetmaker - boat builder who favors hand tool methods.

McGlynn on Making
Hybrid Making. Wood, Glass, Steel

Mill Creek Woodworking
Advanced Furniture Repair and Restoration.

Norse Woodsmith
Leif's archive of valuable information for woodworkers.

Jeff Peachey
Bookbinder, Conservator, Innovative Toolmaker, and Insightful Blogger.

Pedder's "Old Ladies" Handsaw site
A German handsaw maker shares insights to his craft.

Pegs and Tails
Period Furniture and perspectives from a retired professional restorer.

Richard Kell
Philosophical thought and tooling from a thinking craftsman.

The Carpentry Way
Joinery Intensive, Asian Influenced,
Gates, Timber Framing, Fine Woodworking.

The Sharpening Blog
Ron Hock on Sharpening and Hock Tools.

Two Lawyers Toolworks Blog
Klaus and Pedder, Saw Makers from Germany.

W Patrick Edwards.
Advanced French Marquetry, Period Furniture Making and Restoration.

~  Historical, Informational & Entertaining  ~

Tools and Wood with Bob Smalser
Boatmaking~Tool Restoration~Gunsmithing.

Darius Kinsey, Photographer
Chronicles of early logging history.

Ray Gardiner's Backsaw.net
Comprehensive Handsaw Information


Fine Woodworking Tools, Fixtures and Jigs that help make woodworking
Faster, Easier and More Accurate. Please visit our Store
to see our full product line of woodworking and sharpening tools!


"We enjoy making tools, and work to do our best,
because we want our tools to translate fine craftsmanship
transparently through the artisan, so they can create their best work, their vision."

~ Rob Hanson, Evenfall Studios ~


If you find these references helpful,
would you please consider helping support?


Thank you for visiting us!

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