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Woodworks Links

Evenfall Studios - Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking

~ Artisan Made Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs
for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking ~

Handcrafted in Northern California USA • We Ship Internationally


The Woodworks Links section is a small compiliation of useful links
which have a lot of application for woodworkers.

While not comprehensive, the Woodworks Links includes links to many
artisan manufacturers of fine toolery, as well as many good dealers
to help you resource the tools you need.

~  Knowledge Base  ~

The Neanderthal Braintrust
Hand tool oriented links.

The Power Index
Power tool oriented links.

The Wikipedia Category on Woodworking
Please contribute, make it better!.

WK Fine Tools
Internet Woodworking Magazine.

U.S. Forest Service
Forest Products Labratory.

The Footulator
A board foot calculator.

The Shrinkulator
A wood shrinkage and expansion calculator.

The Sagulator
A shelf sag calculator.

This to That
Advice for glues and adhesives.

~  Artisan Tool Manufacturers  ~

Anderson Planes
Traditional style infill planes.

Bad Axe Tool Works
Hand Saw Sales, Resharpening, and Restoration.

Barr Specialty Tools
Hand forged timeless tools.

Blue Spruce Toolworks
Finest quality hand tools.

Bontz Saw Works
Beautiful, Custom Made Hand Saws.

Bridge City Tool Works
Quality is Contagious.

Caribou Blades • Tools and Knives
Original designs using the finest materials, high quality and recovered.

Crown Plane
Custom Wood and Chair Making Planes.

Dave's Shaves
Reproduction wooden spokeshaves & service.

Droz's Olde Tyme Stanley Totes & Knobs
Reproduction Stanley-style totes & knobs.
Custom work, other makes and specialty woods too.

Glen-Drake Toolworks
Making tools that make a difference.

HNT Gordon
Classic plane makers, Austrailia.

Hock Tools
Offering the world's finest blades.

Marcou Planes
...a difference.

Mazzaglia Tools
Makers Stamps, Chisels,
Plane Making Floats and Tools, Custom Plane Irons.

Old Street Tool, Inc.
Formerly Clark & Williams
Traditional wooden hand planes.

Pat Warner.com
Router jigs, drilling accessories, layout & setup products.

Peter Ross. Blacksmith, Whitesmith.
Traditional Smithing, Period Reproductions.
Hardware & Locks, Tools & Holdfasts.

Philly Planes
Traditional wooden planes made in England.

Richard Kell
Fine quality hand tools and honing guides.

Vesper Tools
Superb quality Austrailian made woodworking tools.

Wenzloff & Sons ~ Traditional Saw Makers
Period Saw Replications, Customs, Top Quality.

~  Quality New and Used Tool Sellers  ~

Dowd's Vintage & Antique Tools
Hand tools for the craftsman and the collector.

Hyperkitten Tool Co.
...Funny Name, Good Tools for the craftsman and the collector.

Jon Zimmers Antique Tools
Antique tools for woodworkers and collectors.

Craftsman Studio
Fine tools and books.

Fine Tool Journal
A comprehensive resource on hand tools.

Grizzly Industrial
High quality woodworking and metalworking machinery.

Hartville Tool
Hard to find woodworking tools.

Highland Woodworking
Fine tools and education.

Holbren Precision Cutting Tools
Router Bits and More, Lowest Prices.

Iturra Design
Custom Cut BladeRunner Resaw, Lennox and Starrett
Bandsaw Blades and Bandsaw Accessories
Phone Only
Call: (904) 371-3998.

Lee Valley & Veritas
Woodworking tools, gardening tools, hardware.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Heirloom Quality Tools.

Little Machine Shop
Tooling, parts, and accessories for bench top machinists.

Woodworking and Hardware.

The Best Things
Where the connoisseur shops.

Tools for Working Wood
We specialize in hand tools.

Tools from Japan
Japanese woodworking tools direct from Japan.

Tool Zone
Your Tool Superstore
ask about price matching on Bessey Clamps.

Sharpening innovation.

TruGrit Inc.
The go-to place for abrasive belts and discs for nearly any machine,
Heat treating ovens, Knife making supplies.

Helping you make wood work.


Fine Woodworking Tools, Fixtures and Jigs that help make woodworking
Faster, Easier and More Accurate. Please visit our Store
to see our full product line of woodworking and sharpening tools!


"We enjoy making tools, and work to do our best,
because we want our tools to translate fine craftsmanship
transparently through the artisan, so they can create their best work, their vision."

~ Rob Hanson, Evenfall Studios ~


If you find these references helpful,
would you please consider helping support?


Thank you for visiting us!

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