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The Woodworks Library is an index of over 200 topical books in the public domain, all hosted here and offered free. It is here for those who wish to learn and study woodworking and related trade-craft skills, it's history and to use the knowledge and information gained to help develop one's own skills.

Why is this important? Several Reasons. The push for efficiency during the industrial age was so strong and took such giant steps, we as a world society often stepped over and beyond what we collectively knew. In the process, there was much knowledge, useful knowledge that was overlooked or forgotten.

Today, in a knowledge based world, our skills and what we know help determine our value, our worth. This isn't academia, it's personal. Each our own basic truth. If we were stripped to nothing, at our core we would still have our beliefs, our skills, and what we know, clear through to the end of our days. It is what we do take with us. That is real value, so it pays to develop oneself.

There is also a growing 'Reference Library' containing relevant tables and technical information of interest to the woodworking community.

The hope is that if you need woodworking information that you don't already have, we either have it, or through our resources we can help you find it on the web, 24 hours a day.


The Woodworks Library is free for everyone to learn from and enjoy world-wide. We appreciate the popularity it has developed amongst it's readers, everywhere. Thousands come to enjoy it's content each week!

Like any website hosted on the internet, The 'Woodworks Library' has it's expenses. One way we help offset expenses, is to appeal to our readers. It's quick and easy to make a donation directly to the 'Woodworks Library' by using the PayPal donation button. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Another way to help support the Library, is to support Evenfall Studios directly through purchases from the 'Woodworks Store'.

Thanks again for all your support! We really appreciate it!

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