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The Evenfall Studios Woodworks Blog is free for everyone to learn from and enjoy world-wide. We appreciate the popularity it has developed amongst it's readers, everywhere. Thousands come to enjoy it's content each week!

It is an article driven woodworking blog dedicated to the exchange of woodworking and other trade craft knowledge, ideas, and helping woodworkers with their skills development. It is also a source of information about our products, tooling and jigs, which we sell in the Evenfall Studios 'Woodworks Store'.

The articles are authored in the spirit of inspiring people to take action and make something, through developing their skills, and paying trade craft knowledge forward. We hope our content helps foster inspiration, creativity and positive outcomes for our readers. We enjoy hearing from our readers, but due to comment spam, we prefer that comments are emailed.

Navigating Evenfall Woodworks is easy. The navigation buttons in the header lead to hundreds of pages of topical content from various areas of interest, such as the many articles and references, The Woodworks Library and the Woodworks Store, where you can purchase woodworking tools, jigs and items we offer for sale.

If you would like to be informed when new articles are posted at Evenfall Woodworks, both an RSS feed and email subscription service is offered. Please feel free to subscribe using the method you prefer.


Like any website hosted on the internet, The 'Woodworks Blog' has it's expenses. The main way we offset expenses, is directly through purchases from the 'Woodworks Store'.

Another way to help support the 'Woodworks Blog' is through the generosity of our readers. If you have enjoyed reading, or learned from the educational resources we help provide, please consider a small donation to help us continue to provide them. It's quick and easy to make a donation directly to the 'Woodworks Blog' by using the PayPal donation button. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for all your support! We really appreciate it!

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