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Nov 09 2015

Thank You Veterans!

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Veterans Day is this week and I wanted to take a moment and thank my fellow Veterans for their service! This service is a generational legacy, and a bond we all share, whether we did it or are still doing it. Standing up for our country is beyond the job. It is knowing you will answer any call, any time, any place, anywhere.

It was an honor to have served with those I served with, and an honor to recognize all who serve and served. Thank you for the legacy of honorable service and sacrifices each of you have made and continue to make for our country’s freedom and liberty!

In good times and the bad, your service matters!

We try to keep the word out that every day is Veteran’s Day at Evenfall Studios. We offer 10% off to Veterans for all our craftsman Made Tools, no limits, 24/7/365. A gift from our family to you.

All you need to do is Shop our Online Store and pick out the tools you’d like custom made for you. Contact Us, Tell us about your U.S. Military Service, and tell us which tools you are interested in and we will get a PayPal invoice to you for your approval. Simple as that. No forms to fill out, or hoops to jump other than letting us know, and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks for visiting Evenfall Studios!

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Aug 31 2015

Logging in the Redwoods – 1946

As woodworkers, we are always using our tools in ensemble to overcome challenges. What we need to make and the materials we seek to make things from are part and parcel of the challenge, but we must acquire the skill to wield our tools and we must learn the ways of wood.

For many woodworkers, it has been beneficial to go back in time and reacquire the skills and tradecraft knowledge that previous generations evolved, learning that both the tools and methods from the hands and eyes, which make for deeper craftsman skill still retain all the quality, productivity and capability they always had in today’s small shop.

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Jul 24 2014

Magstrop™ Sharpening Stations. New From Evenfall Studios

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Magstrop Leather 50/50.jpg

The Magstrop™ Sharpening Station: Leather 50/50.

Think micro-abrasive compounds, emulsions, sprays.

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Jul 15 2014

Shooting Boards for the LN-9 Iron Miter Plane

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While it is true that the LN-9 is no longer being produced by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, the LN-9 is a long standing king of the shooting board. It is a large, bevel up block plane, bedded at 20 degrees with a 25 degree bevel on the iron, which presents a 45 degree cutting edge to the work.

The Number 9 Iron Miter was originally introduced by Stanley and was repopularized and made better than ever by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Lie-Nielsen evolved it’s design over time with stronger castings, as well as providing a very ergonomic “Hot Dog” handle, similar to what was supplied on the originals. We now offer a Chute-Style Shooting board for the LN-9 Iron Miter Plane.


The LN-9 Shooter™

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Jun 15 2014

Shooting Boards. Choosing which is best for your needs.

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I often field questions regarding what shooting board is the best fit for a woodworker. The truth is, it depends on the scope of ones work. What do you like to make? What do you think you will want to make in the future as your skills and design eye develop?

I want to take a few moments and try and help. While I cannot choose which shooting board is best for your style of work, we do offer a lot of different models to help support the work you do.

I may share some things about shooting boards and geometry you already know and understand, but in my experience in helping people understand which shooting board will serve them best, this explanation is thorough and helpful for getting everyone to a common understanding for making good decisions that work well over the long run. Continue Reading »

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Nov 23 2009

The Case for Long Grain Shooting Boards

Shooting boards are very handy for fine trims that clean the rough sawn edges left by saws, power tools and shop machines, so the wood is looking it’s very best, and even made as accurate fitting as can be. But even as we do this most commonly on end grain, end grain is not the only place on a board that can benefit from the use of a shooting board.


There are a number of things a woodworker can classify as delicate work. It can of course mean short in length or width, thin stock, veneer, inlays, book matched pieces, and even working with tone woods. Luthiers commonly join book matched boards for stringed instruments, and these boards are very fragile.

There are also the occasions where using a power tool or a shop machine may not be the safest way, or the most accurate way to accomplish a task and so we are left trying to come up with an alternative method for accomplishing the fine work we need done. Continue Reading »

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