Nov 19 2018

Wildfire Disaster. Evenfall Studios was destroyed in the “Camp Fire” wildfire in NorCal.

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You may recall from my previous blog post, that our home, and our business, Evenfall Studios is located in Paradise, California.

You may have heard on the news that on November 8, 2018 a wildfire which is now named and known as the Camp Fire, started East of Paradise, CA at 6:29 AM.

If you have not heard about this wildfire in Northern California, here are some key phrases that you can Google to learn more information:

Wildfire, Paradise, California

Camp Fire Wildfire

Northern California Wildfire November 8, 2018

This fire was driven by 30 to 50 mph winds blowing to the West and the authorities evacuated the town of Paradise immediately. Within three hours of the start of the fire, much of Paradise was on fire. We escaped with our vehicles, a couple days worth of clothing, a few shoes, toiletries, a little bit of bedding, and a few of our electronics and personal files. There was not time to get anything else.

As of the morning of the 8th, we became part of the sheltered homeless because of this fire. We were able to confirm on the evening of Tuesday the 13th that our home was utterly destroyed by this fire, which is one of nearly 14,000 buildings that have been counted as destroyed so far.

We have been staying in an area that was also in an evacuation warning, which was not lifted until Wednesday evening the 14th of November. I was unable to access my email and records prior to that time. The only computer that I had available to me was my wife’s laptop, and she doesn’t have any of our business information on it.

I am attaching a photo of our home and my shop below. This photo was supplied to us by the authorities. We have not been allowed to return and assess the situation yet. This view is standing on the east side of our home facing west and looking down the longitudinal length of our home. My shop and business which I have worked out of for the last 10 years is in the foreground.

Evenfall Studios Destroyed by Wildfire.
Our Home and Shop in Paradise, California.

As you can see, it was a very consuming fire. It was as if our home was placed in a blacksmiths Forge with the blower running for hours. I have consulted a blacksmith who has advised me that even the things made of steel have likely been rendered unsalvageable. Unfortunately, they estimate that 90 to 95% of all of the homes in our town were similarly destroyed. Nearly every home on our street I understand is similarly destroyed, and over 10,000 single-family homes are accounted to be destroyed at this time.  Nearly 14,000 buildings total, including commercial buildings and other buildings that are not used for habitation. They are not done counting.

As a woodworking tool maker, my income has been completely devastated by this. I have lost my home, my shop, all of my tradesman tools and shop machines, and my business, as well as all of my wife’s and my personal possessions. 

I lived on the income from my business, and that income is now zero. With over 52,000 people displaced, and certainly the population of Paradise California which is 29,000 people likely homeless if not partially jobless, I’m not sure what the future prospects are at the moment. It is still too early to know. Evenfall Studios continues to exist on the internet, and will as a woodworking information resource, However, as a woodworking tool manufacturer, currently I am unable to continue. Everything is completely destroyed as you can see in the picture. As you can imagine, I had a number of old tools that will be seriously difficult to replace.

I was raised in my Dad’s and Grandfathers Shops. I have always worked with my hands all my life. Making is in my DNA. I am still inspired everyday. It keeps me going.

My wife and I are starting over and rebuilding our lives. Needs will be met before wants. There is no available housing in the area right now. Jobs are also scarce right now, but that will transition once the fire is out and the recovery effort can begin and expand. What we currently own will completely fit in my pickup with room to spare. The blessing is we made it out safe, we are healthy, safe and secure, fed, and we are trying to sort out how to begin again. It is keeping us very busy.

If you would like to help us, we have two ways you can donate. Please use the one that is easiest for you. You may contribute any amount you like to help us out. We are extremely grateful for any donation anyone can spare to make. We are going into winter without much. This wildfire has massively impacted our local economy as well so there is a lot up in the air. It is amazing that the simplest things you routinely use without a second thought everyday become huge things when they are gone.



For those who have helped or written to see how we are, I am working hard to get to all my correspondence. Thank you so much for your kindness. We are so thankful, I can’t begin to express this. I will be responding to everyone as soon as I can. We have so much going with trying to assess and meet our immediate needs and sorting out our losses, while just being in shock over everything that has happened to everyone who lived anywhere inside the Camp Fire wildfire and the Town of Paradise, that we are just… without words.

Woodworkers have been the nicest clients in the world. It was an honor to be able to make thousands of tools for you all these past ten years. Thank You. Every single one was hand made by me in my shop, custom made just for you. Every single one was my very best work. I hope every tool I made helped you and continues to inspire you take your woodworking to the next level.

For your Shooting Board needs, I would like to refer you to Lee Valley Tools, and Tico Vogt. Lee Valley has always been a very, very strong supporter of my work from Day One. You will not find a better company to outfit your shop and they now offer a very nice Shooting Board. Please give their Shooting Board a serious look. Tico Vogt has been a fine competitor in the shooting board market since 2010. We are both very precision oriented toolmakers and drove each other to do our best work. I am sure you can’t go wrong with one of Tico’s shooting boards.

Thank you everyone for your concerns and for reaching out to us.


Rob Hanson
Evenfall Studios

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