Jul 21 2018

The Sweet Deal

In the past several months I’ve had several inquiries about our shooting boards and the general take away from these inquiries was that these woodworkers wanted to optimize their set up so that it would save space overall, while having the most capability for future woodworking.

The question I usually ask most woodworkers when they are having a hard time deciding a tool purchase is, do you know who you are in woodworking right now, and do you know where you want to take the craft from here?

There is no harm or foul in being who you are. You may be a creative, interested in period furniture or you may prefer simple unadorned designs or just be starting out and you’re not sure how far your passion for the craft may take you.

To be clear, a shooting board has a lot of application in many woodworking sub-genres, and every single shooting board we offer will take care of the basic 90 and 45 degree accurizing that is common to nearly all woodworking. But if you are creative, and your desires trend toward making things that are not exclusively simple or basic, then we offer quite a few options that will let your creativity flow much further.

In the case of these recent inquiries, the questions were a bit more specific. When it came down to it, they had looked over the options but what they really wanted to know is which shooting board is the sweet deal that would most likely do the most in one tool.

Before I reveal my thoughts, the true answer is that the sweet deal is what you think it is, not what I think it is. Your Shop, it’s needs and your workflow are unique to you, and the tools that are the best fit for you are your choice. This is what I think is the sweet deal and why think it is.

Combi Shooter Multi.jpg
The Combi Shooter Multi with Both the Long Grain and Wide Board Fences Installed.

The Combi Shooter Multi, Supplied with Chute Adapters, paired with The Any Angle Fence and a Planing Stop. That’s what I think is my go to shooting board for most occasions, sans the need for doing molding work.

Why do I think this? The Combi Shooter is a combination of two of our shooting boards in one. It is the Wide Board Shooter Multi, and the Long Grain Shooter all wrapped up in one board. So you get all of the features of both boards in one, and it takes up the space of one shooting board.

This shooting board is capable of doing everything a smaller shooting board can do, and is excellent for lutherie work, large casework, multiple miter angles on rectilinear stock, as a jointing fixture for thin or small stock as well as boards in they twenty six to twenty eight inch length range. And when you think about that, jointing this kind of stock manually is a lot safer than using a machine. And when you consider fine, rare or expensive woods, and even more particularly, sound woods where the resonance of a wood is important for use in the manufacture of musical instrument, a shooting board can be a real asset in preserving the quality of some very expensive boards.

LGS Accessory Caul Set-Up.jpg
The Combi Shooter Multi with Accessory Caul Installed.

The Long Grain Shooter portion of the board has a 90° fence at the end of it, for allowing you to square up long or wide pieces of stock, but it also has an accessory caul, which is interchangeably mounted very near the Chute. This can allow odd shaped materials to be trued for joining. So perhaps you are bookmatching a instrument body. The only the areas where the Bookmatch takes place need to be straight, so fixture the workpiece with the caul. Whether you’re making a wedge shape for use in a sunburst or compass rose, or any arbitrary shape that needs a jointed edge, this is a wonderful way to hold that workpiece in place while you prepare it for its final position.

In the Wide Board Configuration, you can shoot up to five settable angles with the fence fixture at up to the 18 inches in length or width. You can rely on the accuracy, cause we build these shooting boards to deliver 0.001 inch tolerances, and you can calibrate them every day as often as you like and every time you change the angles.

You don’t have to be concerned about wood movement, you can simply calibrate it out of the equation. Baltic birch is robust, it’s a material commonly used to build floors so strong that you can drive a forklift on them. The typical wood movement in Baltic Birch over the course of a full four seasons is +/- 0.003 on average which is mostly tangential. Most of the movement in a shooting board is in the radial direction so accuracy is affected much less. If you safeguard this precision tool like you would any precision tool, you’ll be good to go for a long time. Over the long haul, A good shooting board made with quality materials and precision construction that you can count on, will pay you.

Any Angle Fence.jpg
The Any Angle Fence Shown Clamped at an Arbitrary Angle.

When you add the additional accessory of the Any Angle Fence, you have a fence that can be set to any of the angles that is mountable on the board, which in this case would be 15, 22.5, 30, 45 and 90 degree angles. And in addition to that, the fence can be mounted without standard fixturing, so that you can fixture any of the other angles between zero and 90, providing the workpiece can be reasonably trued to any of those angles.

The Shooting Board Plaining Stop Installed.jpg
The Shooting Board Plaining Stop Installed For Stock Thicknessing.

With the planing stop installed, this shooting board basically becomes a mini benchtop, that is optimized for planing very thin stock. It’s also completely adequate for planing small stock quite safely. The planning stop by itself allows you to thickness material to approximately 1/4 inch, and if you lay a piece of 1/8th inch, hardboard or MDF underneath the stock you are thicknessing, you can reduce the range down to approximately 1/8 inch thick, which makes for some pretty thin material.

Overall, when it comes to stock preparation, this shooting board can handle all six sides of your stock, allow you to shape it in a myriad of ways, and bring it to a level of accuracy that will assure the fitment unit require for fine woodworking. It’s just super versatile, and it’s only one shooting board to have to figure out where to stow when it’s not in use. Overall, I think it’s the shooting board that does the most, and it does all it’s tasks very well.

It’s the Sweet Deal. The most versatile shooting board system we offer. We look forward to hearing from you!

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