Dec 15 2017

Shooting Boards for Woodworking and More

As you know, Evenfall Studios is a tool making company best known for our custom made shooting boards, as well as some other helpful tools for woodworking. You may be in the market for any number of these tools, and you may be interested in learning more about them.

First off, there is a great deal of information about every tool and product we offer on each individual product page on our website. These pages are really easy to acces by clicking the Store link at the top of nearly webpage on our site. When it comes to shooting boards alone, we probably offer over 50 variations that will allow you to dial in and get the tool that will work best for you. None of our shooting boards are a one trick pony, they are all very durable, and accurate, even after many years of use. They are a versatile and valuable tool in any shop.

Do you still need more information? We have written a large number of blog articles, so let me take a couple minutes and talk about our website, it’s navigation and maybe some information you may not have known that we have.

Something we want to remind everyone about our website, is that it is set up to be a searchable and researchable resource for woodworkers. You have free access to it, anytime.

There are a number of different things here at that you may find of interest.

We enjoy everyone’s questions, so our blog has a large number of articles that describe many of the different features and benefits of our shooting boards and other tools. The hope is, we will have answered many of your questions before you ask.

We want you to be able to have easy access to this information, so rather than set up like most common blogs, where most usually the freshest or most recent information is the easiest to access, we offer a blog index at the top of our blog, which is a complete listing of all our articles. You’ll find these navigation links on every page. Once inside the Blog Index, select a link, and read the article, no matter how recent or how old. Many of our articles are about the tools that we offer, but there are many other articles that are filled with useful and helpful woodworking information, and others that are good for woodworking entertainment. We hope you enjoy them.

Often times when a woodworker is considering a shooting board for their shop, they come to Evenfall Studios for more information. They may have the general understanding of what a shooting board is for and how it is generally configured, based on historical usage, but we have taken shooting board a long way from a tool that was commonly made from wood scraps and meant for temporary use, to a highly accurate and fully adjustable tool that is meant to be practical in many woodworking situations. Designed with a lot of capability, as well as accuracy and calibration built-in, and made from durable materials so that it can be considered a precision-lifetime tool with year around accuracy, with proper care and use.

We have written a lot of articles down through last several years, outlining the features and benefits of our tools. We welcome you to use the blog Index at anytime and research whatever you may want to know about the tools we offer. Again, please remember the product pages as well because there is a lot of great information there. As always, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have and there is also a link at the top of each page to help you contact us.

We also have a number of Reference Materials available, which are extremely useful for making and design. They are easy to find by using the reference link at the top of each page. Many of them have been formatted so that they print out easily, and you can put them in your shop where you can refer to them anytime you need this kind of information. We welcome you to use them as much as you need at anytime.

We are also the curators of the Woodworks Library, a library filled with over 200 old woodworking and making texts from the early 1900s and before, filled with a ton of information that’ll help you make anything that you can imagine. Do you want to know about saws? How about hand tools? Do you need to know something about shop machines? Carpentry? General woodworking? You’ll find all of that in there and then some. You can likely learn most anything you’d want to know about how to make and use the tools to make, than most anywhere else. Everything in the library is free for you to use, please feel free to use it as often as you need. How do you find? Super easy. Here’s a link to the library at the top of nearly every page on the website!

And finally if you’re not sure how to find what you’re looking for, we have a search engine located at the bottom of every page, and a link to a separate surge page at the top of most pages, that should help you search most anything that you may hope to find out our website. And if you can’t find it using that search engine, there’s a good chance that it’s probably not here. We have tested it and it is pretty good at finding what is here.

So if you have a little spare time please feel free to take a tour. Click the links look at what’s in there, bookmark the stuff you think you might need to look at again later. There’s a lot of good stuff here at Evenfall Studios. As always, if you have a question or can’t find what you are looking for, Please contact us! Thank you for supporting Small Business!

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