Jul 29 2016

The Woodworking Accuracy Solution

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We’ve received some email from a few woodworkers and makers lately who wanted more woodworking accuracy, but they were not sure they could get to the accuracy they hoped for without CNC. Interestingly enough, most woodworking CNC setups will not work to 0.001 tolerances and handplanes with our shooting boards will do exactly that and do it day in and day out. They didn’t know, but now they do! It doesn’t cost anywhere near what CNC does. If you need precision and accuracy, Our Shooting Boards can help you achieve that with repeatability, all four seasons of the year.

When we think of a shooting board, we may think of a few scraps nailed together. We think of how wood moves and that the board will only be accurate for a little while. We think of it as a short time tool which helps us make our project.

Standard Shooter
Standard Shooter.

There is a better way to think of shooting boards. We’d like you to think of them as robust tools, built to last for years! That’s the way we make them. As a heirloom tool which is versatile and built to last. We build them to 0.001 tolerances to help you work to the level of control your layout and checking tools can provide you.

Wide Board Shooter
Wide Board Shooter.

We offer Shooting Boards that are robust and accurate tools They can be configured for most usable angles in woodworking and making, adjustable to compensate for any seasonal movement, as accurate as you need up to 0.001 inch, and flexible for most any project you can imagine. Fortunately birch is very stable and Baltic birch plywood improves upon that inherent stability. Our tests over the last eight years have shown movement to be no more than =/- 0.003 inch and it moves very consistently so as to not interrupt accuracies.

Long Grain Shooter
Long Grain Shooter.

The base platform is 14-3/4 inches wide and comes in three lengths: 14-3/4 inches for our Standard Shooter size, 22-1/8th inches for our Wide Board Shooter size, and 29-1/2 inches for our Long Grain Shooter size, giving you options for the size of your projects or work, while maintaining all the accuracy you need. We also offer all our models with Enclosed Chutes. We offer them with fence mounting points from two on up to eight different fixturable angles. Do you need to shoot angles for a 12 sided object? We can help!

Chute Adapters
Chute Adapters.

The length of these shooting boards is the length of the chute, and all of these boards can be configured to run with out a chute adapter added for an enclosed chute, or open for use with any plane. Chute Adapters Available here, scroll down, are available for the Lie-Nielsen LN-51 and Veritas Shooting Board Planes, Lie- Nielsen LN9, The Veritas Miter Plane, The Veritas LA Jack, LA Smoother, and Any 62 LA Jack style planes. We also offer one for the Veritas Shooting Sander. Running one of these planes in the enclosed chute will add more control over the shooting process, because the Chute adapter takes over controlling the path of the plane’s travel for you.

Can you run planes without the Chute Adapters? Yes! There are circumstances where you may even wish to. The Chute Adapters are easy to remove and replace as well as calibrate. Removed you can use most any plane from Blocks to Jointers, Metal or wood as long as the sole and sides are smooth and square to each other.

Stylized DoubleHigh Fence.
Stylized Double High Fence.

Our fence mounting system comes with a lot of user friendly versatility and ease of use. First, the Standard Fence and Double High Fence is made to be flipped over so you can use it to shoot two angles with precision. We make fences that shoot 90 and 45 degrees standard, and ones that shoot every angle the board will shoot. They come in two different heights to accomodate most stock thicknesses. Another plus with our fence system is inherent in the adjustability. You can calibrate it daily for perfection of the shooting angle, you can always enjoy 0.001 accuracy, even allowing the angle setting to be set to sub minute accuracy.

Any Angle Fence
Any Angle Fence.

For those who need to shoot where standard or commonly used angles are just not enough, we also offer an Any Angle Fence that allows you the ability to fixture the fence with a clamp as accurately as you can set it. 0.001 accuracy is capable anywhere you set it. This means that you can shoot with repeatable accuracy on about any usable angle you like between 0-90 degrees.

Shooting Board Planing Stop
Shooting Board Planing Stop.

There’s more. Do you ever need to thickness short or thin stock and not want to risk your fingers on power tools, or your plane irons hitting metal? We offer a Planing Stop accessory for our shooting boards that will mount in place of the fence that easily allows you to thickness your work to 1/4 inch, and if you place a piece of 1/8th MDF hardboard on our shooting board platform, you can thickness to about 1/8th inch. How’s that for producing thin stock by hand?

MFT/3 Cleat
MFT/3 Upgrade Cleat.

If you are a Festool owner/user and happen to have the MFT/3, we offer an upgrade MFT/3 Cleat that fits the table better in case you want to use the MFT/3 and your shooting board together.

So whatever it is; long or short, thick or thin, wide or skinny, our shooting boards are designed to help you get control over all the woodworking parameters with precision. They are the most versatile and accurate shooting boards offered, and are go to tools in woodworking shops all over the world, Why not make it a go to tool in yours?

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