May 13 2016

Save Time Sharpening With A Strop

The Old School of thought is to use your tools until way past dull when they start damaging the work, then break down and haul out your sharpening gear for a long messy sharpening session.

Now I know we all love the old school tools and ways of building things, but lock up your brakes here, stop the insanity.

What insanity? If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. In this case it’s a long dirty sharpening session. Are you ready to rethink this process? Good!

Stropping has gone beyond what it used to be and it’s far more capable than ever. Check it out.

Why Is stropping superior for maintenance sharpening?

• It’s Dry

• It does not use Water Or Oil, It dosen’t splatter or create a slurry mess.

• Using a strop doesn’t contaminate your tools or projects, or mess up your bench.

• A strop takes little space on the bench.

• Strops offer a very flat surface from which to reference your edges that stays flat.

• You can use different Leather surfaces to good effect.

• You can load the strop surfaces with different types and grades of abrasives.

• You can choose from Chromium Oxide, Polishing Compounds, CBN and even Diamond based abrasives.

•Because strops take little space, you can use them anywhere without having to make much space.

• Strops are light weight and easy to move out of the way when not needed.

• Because stropping is easy, you can sharpen more often and because you do it more often, it takes less time.

• Most often you’ll only need to strop the bevels, it won’t create a wire edge. Occasionally you’ll stop the backs.

• The need to disassemble a chipbreaker assembly is greatly reduced, saving you time to work wood.

• Did I mention if you sharpen more often it will take less time and the tools will work better?

• Did I mention it takes less time sharpening when we keep tools sharp?

• Did I mention tools work WAY better when they are sharp?

• Are you ready for easier sharpening?

We developed the MagStrop Sharpening Stations for a reason. To make sharpening •Quicker *Easier • Take less Space •Make Less Mess •Help you sharpen more frequently without hassle.

MagStrop One

Why it’s easier? Our MagStrop One can be set over a raised bench dog and then you can start Stropping immediately. The Strops themselves quick charge on and off the stations and are held by magnets and pins so you can change abrasive grits quickly. You can choose from three different Leather surfaces or switch to glass surfaces for use with sandpaper abrasives in seconds. In seconds, yes, and that’s fast.

MagStrop Four

We also offer the MagStrop Four that is a four place sharpening station that is the same size as our standard sized shooting boards. It also has a sandpaper cutter for cutting abrasives to size for the stations. You can quick change abrasives from station to station and they interchange with the MagStrop One. It’s all in the magnets and it sets up f-f-f-fast.

We have been using this system in our shop for six plus years now and only resort to stones or sandpaper abrasives on the rarest occasions when we need to regrind an edge. Edge retention is in maintenance, and since it just takes a minute, sharp tools become the new normal. Did you get that? Maintenance sharpening on most tools usually takes just a minute or two and we are all back to work. Why? Because you never let the tools get very dull between sharpenings, and this method is just too easy, so why not?

You can use it for any tool you can drag or pull away from the bevel to sharpen. We have them in Woodworking Shops, Leather Working Shops, and quite a few have even gone into the kitchen, as the MagStop One looks great in the kitchen and is very effective where maintaining Kitchen Cutlery. Campers, Overlanders, Hunters, Fishermen, and many who use EDC knives are happy with maintaining their tools with our strops, and they are particularly handy when you need sharpening capability when you are not home where all the tools are.

Why wait? Are you going to punish yourself with long, arduous, boring sharpening sessions that are messy and cluttered with stuff, Lots of stuff?

Check out our line of MagStrop Sharpening Stations and consider re-thinking what you understand about sharpening. I assure you that there is a compound out there that can abrade any steel, and the rest of the station is valid, and usable. It’s easy and it takes care of itself. Get one of our stations, there are many options for configuring it to meet your needs, match the abrasives you need for your tools and make sharpening easier on yourselves. This won’t make your investment in stones obsolete, you can still use them when you think it best, but this will make your investment in time spent sharpening much smaller when you go to sharpening, for edge tool maintenance. Why rebuild your edges from scratch every time? Many people are rethinking sharpening and converting, You can too.

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