Jun 29 2015

Shooting Any Angle You Like

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Any Angle Fence

While it is true that the traditional shooting board is most often made for shooting 90° and on occasion some are made to shoot 45° as well, we offer shooting boards that not only offer those two angles, but the ability to fixture a fence at up to eight different angles all in one board. But we didn’t stop there.

The reality of woodworking and cabinetry requires special tools for special situations. Not everything we make is perfectly square, nor is it necessarily perfectly angled. Sometimes we have to match angles that are caused by any number of different things. So while the actual angle it is whatever it may be, we may still need to divide that angle by half in order to create the complementary angles for a miter. Often this can lead us to angles that most shooting boards can’t reach.

By design, our shooting boards allow you to calibrate the angle that you need to shoot. This means that we offer our shooting boards with angles that are specific, but we leave +/- 4 degrees of room so that you can calibrate perfectly, even if the angle is somewhat imperfect. This same feature allows you to compensate for moisture content, and have an accurate shooting board any time of year, any place in the world. All you have to do is calibrate with an accurate tool before you shoot, and you’re good to go in any season.

But there are still those times that even with eight angles to choose from, there is still not the ability to get to the angle you might need.


That’s not exactly true either. This is why we offer the Any Angle Fence.

Any Angle Fence
Ready to be installed on the shooting board.

The Any Angle Fence is designed to be used on any Evenfall Studios shooting board. It mounts just like our standard and double high fences, sharing the same pivot location, but it also allows fixturing at any angle between the mounting points on the shooting board as long as you can reach the fence with an F clamp. This allows for setting the angle as accurately, or in some cases – inaccurately as your task may require.

On the pivot end of the fence base, the end is radiused so that it will not protrude into the shooting board plane chute when set for most any angle. It comes with two fence faces, that have been sanded dead flat and accurate so that your angle remains correct. One is short at 1 inch, the other is nearly 1-3/4 inch to accommodate the utilization of the full 2 inch blade found on most common hand planes.

It is as accurate as you require. You can use most any angle setting device you have. You don’t even need to know the angle specifically, you could measure directly with an adjustable bevel, and transfer that angle directly to the fence to set it. Often, I measure the major angle with an adjustable bubble, and transfer that angle to a protractor so I can read the angle specifically. Then I divide by two, and set the protractor for the miter angle.

Additionally you may require superhigh accuracy. You could use a vernier protractor and set the fence with sub minute accuracy. It all depends on your situation and your choice of tool to set the fence. Once the angle is set, that is the angle that you will transfer onto the boards that you shoot. This means that if you set your shooting board fence with a Starrett tool, then you are shooting with the accuracy of a Starrett tool.

When building cabinetry or built in work or when building arbitrary shapes, a fence like this comes in super handy. Several clients have remarked how much they enjoy using it for segmented turnings and creating art with inlays. Then there are the every day reasons in carpentry and woodworking, where we just need an odd shape, particularly on small parts, and there is no safer or accurate way to make these, than with a shooting board. You simply lay out your line, saw near that line, and shoot into that line. Simple as that.

The Any Angle Fence is very user-friendly. It fits all of our shooting boards. You can use it on our standard sized shooting boards and reach most any angle. Depending on how deep your clamps will reach, it can offer A great deal of utility on our Wide Board and Long Grain Shooter, shooting board models. This can come in particularly handy, if you had a situation where shooting angles with our Long Grain Shooter style shooting boards was necessary.

As an added bonus, this fence can add versatility to our double chute shooting boards such as the Picture Frame Shooter and the Master Miter Shooter. The fence is ambidextrous, so all it needs is for the base to be flipped over for use with either the left or right hand chutes of our shooting boards. This is particularly handy when you are shooting moldings for miters that are greater or less than 45°. Often times moldings require matching angles more than most any other shooting situation. The Any Angle Fence becomes a huge help in situations like this.

If you should choose to order this fence, and you already own one of our shooting boards, please let us know what model shooting board you own, when you purchase so that we can make sure we send along an extra part that can help with fixturing if you use one of our double chute shooting board models.

So if you may have been avoiding purchasing a shooting board because you when you think of a traditional shooting board, you remember it’s limitations and don’t want lock into not being able to shoot when you need an angle that is not accurate, there is no need to worry any longer. The chute on our boards is dead flat, straight and square to 0.001 when we make it, so any fence angle you choose to set with your measuring device will be the angle you get. It’s a comprehensive capability its really nice to have, even with the angle you need is completely arbitrary. Put another way, the Any Angle Fence allows you control over being accurately inaccurate.

Shown in “clamped’ arbitrary angle position.

It is available as an accessory upgrade in the Shooting Board Accessories section of our Online Store. If you need more information about it, there can be more found on its product page. If that still doesn’t answer your questions, please feel free to contact us. It fits every shooting board we’ve ever made, and if you haven’t ordered your board yet, consider this fence, and will make one that fits the board you order too. It is a tool that will really unlock the door to helping you may as freely as you can imagine.

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