May 16 2015

The Hollows and Rounds Dilemma

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You’re almost there. You scrimped, saved and waited for a half set of Hollows and Rounds custom made for you that cost over $3500.00.

Or maybe you hunted eBay, outbidding massive competition and sluthed many tool dealers for your set and it took you months, maybe years to find them all.

You have your sharpening gear, and you have honed all the blades to perfection. You have tuned the plane bodies and wedges and set the irons in the plane bodies perfectly.

You have the book for how to make the moldings. You have your books on molding shapes and designs. You made a sticking board so you can fixture your work and plane your own moldings. You have all this on the awesome bench you made for your shop.

You select a gorgeous stick to cut the moldings from, rich with all the color and figure.

You work at it all with great care, and your molding is shaped to perfection. Everything is almost perfect.


You overlooked the perfect shooting board for assuring these moldings fit your application, perfectly.

Don’t Worry, We have your back!

Master Miter Shooter Wide Board
The Master Miter Shooter Wide Board shown with 45 degree fences.

The Wide Board Shooter – Master Miter is the ultimate resource when it comes to fitting moldings to your work:

Moldings present a challenge to mitering and final fitment. They require being mitered in the position they will be placed, and this means that the flat side must nearly always be situated against the reference surface. This also means that since there is always two halves of a miter, or to 45 degree halves to form a 90 degree corner, each side has a specific left or right that must be trued in that exact orientation and position.

Master Miter Shooter Wide Board
Shown here with the 90 degree fence installed, it is also outfitted for the LN-51 or Veritas Shooting Plane.

The Master Miter Shooters have four fences.

The 90 degree fence can be made to favor your preferred shooting hand.
The 45 degree fences mount at the same time to help you miter the inside 45’s from the left and right.
The 135 degree fence is a single fence that is double ended. It can’t do both at once because it would be in it’s own way, but it is mountable in two positions and fully calibratable for accuracy.

Master Miter Shooter Wide Board
Here we have the same board outfitted with twin Chute Adapters for using an LN-9 or any LA Jack interchangeably in left or right. You can change sides as fast as you can flip the plane to the other chute.

Calibratable for accuracy? Yes, we make the fence so you can zero it perfectly. Each fence is flattened on certified Granite, and checked for squareness on Certified Granite with Starrett No. 20 squares. We provide you with +/- 3 to 4 degrees adjustability so you can calibrate the angle you need perfectly. This helps compensate for any movement from any season of the year.

Master Miter Shooter Wide Board
Shown here with the Veritas Shooting Plane in the Right Chute. Imagine shooting casework for accurate dovetails.

The fences allow shooting to about 1-23/32 inch which maxes the width of a 2-inch plane iron. The chutes are straight and coplanar to 0.001 as well, giving you the best chance of perfection when you fit your moldings.

Master Miter Shooter Wide Board
Here we are set to miter the 135 degree angle, again starring the Veritas Shooting Plane. Sometimes referred to as an “Outside Miter”, this is for where moldings are applied to the face and sides of casework.

The base of the Wide Board Version of our Master Miter Shooter is spacious, made for shooting widths of up to 18 inches at 90 degrees. This is about 6-1/2 inches wider than our Standard size Master Miter Shooter, and leave you room for shooting friese moldings.

The chutes can be used with nearly any plane from block to jointer, even customs and woodies. If you own a Shooting Board Plane such as the LN-51, Veritas Shooting Plane, Or LN-9 you can convert this shooting board into a chute board for them. If you own the Veritas LAJack or LA Smoother, or any 62 LA Jack from Lie-Nielsen, Stanley or Wood River, you can use these planes in a chute board configuration as well.

Master Miter Shooter Wide Board
Shooting the left hand 135 or “outside miter” is easy. Here the Veritas LA Jack handles ambidextrous duty with ease.

Whether you make your own moldings or buy them from any millwork supplier, the main thing is that you can apply them to what you make with perfection in any season with precision, and worry a lot less about the risk of having all the work you did you get to this point ruined by an inaccurate miter.

Master Miter Shooter Wide Board.jpg
This same Shooting board can handle all four of the fence positions with high accuracy, and configure to use either style of hand planes in it’s chutes. In this case, it is using both the Veritas Shooting Plane in the right chute, and the Veritas LA Jack in the left.

Is it time you had us custom make a shooting board like this for you? Please check the many Single and Twin Chute options for Accurate Woodwork Shooting we offer, and more in our Woodworks Store.

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