May 08 2015

Lutherie Shooting Boards

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Recently we’ve had some inquiries about shooting boards for use with lutherie, and so I thought I’d take a few minutes and talk about this, and shooting long work. The short answer is, Yes, we can help with Lutherie!

Long Grain Shooter

We offer shooting boards for lutherie and long grain jointing work called the Long Grain Shooter. It has the capacity to shoot lengths to 24-26 inches depending on how much care you want to take to accomplish it. We offer this board in single chute only and you can order it for Right or Left Handed use as per your preference.

It’s a versatile tool! Read on!

Long Grain Shooter with Shooting Plane

It’s a large platform with room for the work and nearly any plane on it’s chute. We offer Chute Adapter Kits for “Chute Board” conversion so you can interchangeably use Shooting Board Planes like the Veritas Shooting Plane and Shooting Sander, Lie-Nielsen LN-51 Chute Board Plane, Iron Miter Planes like the Lie-Nielsen LN-9, and Low Angle Jack Planes Like the Veritas LA Jack, and any manufacturer’s 62 style LA Jack plane, all within an enclosed chute. Each Long Grain Shooter comes standard with tapped mounting points for these adapters and the adapters all interchange.

Long Grain Shooter with LA Jack

If you prefer, you can use the chute wide open. Just about any plane can play as long as the side and sole are square and flat. Use a block plane to shoot up to 4/4 thicknesses and there is plenty of room on the chute for any Bailey or Bedrock style plane up to Number 8 jointers as well as wooden bench planes.

Jointing with the Long Grain Shooter is a breeze. The top of the shooting board is coplanar to the chute and corrected to 0.001 coplanarity. The Standard Fence mounts at 90 degrees only and is meant primarily for square and parallel work.

The Boards also come standard with an Accessory Caul which is designed to help you fixture non-square shaped work, such as an instrument tops and backs for shooting the bookmatch, or any other odd shape you may desire with a long edge that needs jointed straight. This includes veneers cut to shapes that you wish to organize geometrically to form a design of any kind.

Shapes can be as arbitrary as you need, but use the shooting board for truing the straight edges. All you have to do is cut your work piece close to the layout line, and position the layout line to the chute. Fixture the work with the accessory caul to help clamp it in place and shoot the edge. This makes jointing nearly any angle you need on odd shapes really easy!

There are some upgrade accessories that help make the Long Grain Shooter even more versatile.

One is the Any Angle Fence. This fence allows itself to be mounted in the pivot hole of the shooting board and set to any arbitrary angle that an F clamp can reach to fixture it. This usually means that you may need to set the board up on your bench so that clamping is facilitated for this, but this utility offers a a lot you can do when you need to shoot smaller angled work. The Any Angle Fence is a Three piece fence consisting of a pivot base that won’t interfere in the chute, and two fences for working either up to 4/4 or up to 1-23/32 thick work.

Need to back up thicker stock, but don’t need the flexibility of the Any Angle Fence? Try the Double High Fence. It’s robust and is good for stock up to 1-7/16ths-inch thick.

Another is the Shooting Board Planing Stop, which is a 1/4 inch high planing stop that mounts to our shooting boards in the fence mounting points. By itself it allows you to thickness boards down to 1/4 inch thick, and if you add some 1/8th hardboard or MDF to the base of the board under your work, you can thickness down to nearly 1/8th thick. All without having to fear for the safety of your plane iron.

Regarding production in use, the Long Grain Shooter provides quick and easy control over jointing edges, particularly in thin stocks where damage to the work is risky , and allows control over safety because the woodworker no longer has to risk themselves and their fingers to cutting knives on machine tools. All you have to do is set the tool for the shoot and joint your edge. No bruising the wood fibers when sound boards are important or chatter marks on the edge to interrupt the line, just a pristine edge for joining your work. Sneak up on a perfect fit every time!

Again, the emphasis is on just being able to go directly to what you need done with high accuracy and great results, ease of use and low hassle. Set your plane of choice for a thin shaving, set the work on the board as you require, and make what you want happen.

It is also really handy for shooting longer boards for small box work, galleries, puzzles, piston fit drawers, rails and stiles, and end grain shots for dovetailed casework and chest projects. Anywhere precision craftsmanship is desired. Let this help you with your signature craftsmanship. We are here to help improve the way you approach your craft! Think outside the box. Raise your personal bar!

We offer the most flexible and accurate shooting boards available. We custom make these for anyone who needs accuracy and control over jointing smaller and thinner work in their shops. We can even help you keep your plane irons sharp while to shoot! Ordering is easy in our Online Store.

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