Jan 16 2015

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I have been considering an occasional column on our blog, just for sharing some various thoughts and news with you, so welcome to Volume One, 2015.

For small businesses, it is often challenging getting the word out. I want to touch on the scope of our blog. It wears several hats. We are a small family business, a one man custom tool making shop. I make precision tools for woodworkers and makers. Some of the ways we use the blog is to provide methods for working that have a lot of application on any project. We also use it to help teach and inform about our tools and methods that can help woodworking become easier and more accurate for you.

Getting the word out to woodworkers all over the world about what we do and what we may be able to help you do in making is a big part of our blog. I’m remiss about not blogging more often and I do try, but it happens. Client work in the shop and the matters of life are something we all can understand in our own way. We appreciate all our subscribers and readers. Our blog is aggregated by Leif at the Norse Woodsmith Aggregator and has been for years. Recently our blog has been aggregated by Siavosh over at woodspotting.com, which is a new form of Aggregator that is growing fast and allows people to submit blogs to it. We really appreciate both of them for their their support in helping us network and get the word out. If you enjoy our blog or use it as a reference, please feel free to bookmark, subscribe directly via RSS or email as well. This helps us stay in touch and we appreciate your support.

As a side note regarding our blog, I want to remind you that many of the articles I’ve written here are meant to work as reference material resources, and I have made it as easy as I can to help you to refer back to any of them by using the “Blog Index” in the top menu at the top of the page here.

We are also using Twitter and you can find us there as @evenfallstudios. We welcome you to follow us there. Its short and to the point, and we can share links and information with you pretty easy from there, and it helps keep you up on what’s new or news from us! There is a link below and in the sidebar on this page that you can click, and it should hook you right up.

We are also working on developing a subscription email list to help us keep in touch with you directly if you like. It isn’t something we intend to use too often so don’t worry, we won’t fill your inbox, but the scope of some of what we share on the email list will be exclusive to list members only. We hope to have something ready to go in the not too distant future, please stay tuned and I’ll announce when we roll it out here on the blog.

We are here in support of woodworking and making all over the world. Our website has a lot of different woodworking resources including a well rounded library, Data and references which are very useful, and a store for ordering the tools we offer and custom make, open 24/7/365. We appreciate your support and business! Please let us know if there is something we can make for you.

I’m interested in some feedback. I have some Donkey Ear designs I am developing here, some that work as a companion to our shooting boards and others which stand alone, and I thought while I am in the R&D stages that I would ask your thoughts on how you see the use of this tool in your shops. I can’t say yet how this all will evolve, but I am hoping that this will evolve to become part of our line of very helpful shooting appliances for everyone. If you would like to share your thoughts, or show interest in donkey ears please Contact Us!

I also wanted to touch on woodworking and making – on the whole. There has been some long running theories on tooling, both electrical and hand powered. I’ve even heard from some internet sources that certain kinds of tools – hand tools only – are required, or are the gateway for true craftsmanship. I’m afraid I can’t agree. After 30 years as a professional in the trades, I feel I have worked along side plenty of skillful craftsman (while striving for my best work, myself) and they were much more than the sum of their tools.

All tools are useful to us in some application. Some are meant for speed, others for accuracy and finesse. Craftsmanship is in the wisdom to choose and wield tooling of any kind artfully, productively and wisely. Truly, craft embodies all of making in all materials, using the tooling that accomplishes it, both powered and by hand, and the mind behind the tool that is it’s guide. Craftsmanship is in the hand and eye, guiding those tools from a developed practice. Any craftsman is free to choose their own tools. I think anyone who wants to be a craftsman can be a craftsman. Craftsmanship is all about developed practice. Your personal practice, there is no substitute, it is an experiential understanding and beyond the reach of written words.

The best craftsmen keep focused on learning something new everyday. The picture is big and it’s good to try to keep our focus open wide. They use what they have done in the past as a guide to help them make in the present and future. It’s a great way to look at making. Be careful not to fall into the trap of listening too intently to someone tell you that hand tools are the only truly craftsman way. There is only so much time and energy in life, so we must choose battles carefully. Tools are part of the battle armor. Some tools are for speed, and others for accuracy and finesse. To become accomplished, the right tool at the right time in skilled hands is right. If you fully inherit the fundamentals, then your imagination is the limit. The race is long. In the end it is mostly with yourself.

We offer some very nice tools that allow you to go directly to quality results without wasting a lot of money on wasting wood, or on tools that wont quite get you there. In fact, many of the tools we offer are meant to help tools you may already own work better and more accurately. We make tools that help you with your craftsmanship. We hope as you continue to advance your craft, you’ll choose some of your tools from us! Thank you for your continued support and readership!

We are rolling into year seven as toolmakers and we are “shooting” for many more. Again, thank you all for your support and we hope you’ll consider us for helping tool your shop with tools of craftsmanship for fine woodworking.

As promised above, here’s the link to follow our Twitter Feed:

We enjoy your questions, comments, ideas and suggestions! Please Contact Us.

Thanks for visiting Evenfall Studios!

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