Nov 04 2014

Honoring Our Military Veterans

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Evenfall Studios is U.S. Veteran owned. We appreciate the service of our nation’s Veterans.

We often hear slogans like “Freedom isn’t Free” or “It’s not a job, it’s an adventure”. Catchy slogans don’t always sum up what Military Service really is. Military Service is and is not like everyday life, and comes with serious strings attached.

The commitment, aspects of duty and obligation are that difference. For the Veteran, it becomes a developed psyche that really has to be lived to be fully understood. Veteran’s know, because they went, and they “served”, but that’s not exactly the half of it.

There are no two Veterans whose service to our country was exactly the same, but each contribution has significance. Most Veterans will tell you that there were fun times. They will also tell you that there were things they can’t or don’t want to share, often involving hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. In between, there were many real time man hours spent somewhere they would have preferred not to be, doing something that wasn’t always pleasant.

It may have been combat or patrol, it may have been on or under water in a ship or submarine for months, It may have been flying for hours, or repairing aircraft or tanks in 100+ or -20 degree weather, day and night, rain and shine, and the list goes on and on. It is about the big things, and the little things.

Many things are predetermined by regulated routine, sometimes things do not go as planned. It all often does involve sacrifices that someone has to accomplish so that the big wheels continue to roll and enduring freedom continues.

To thank our nation’s Veterans, every day is Veteran’s Day at Evenfall Studios. We are a small business and we offer a 10% discount off the pricing shown in our online store, for tools and products we custom make in house, and we offer that discount to U.S. Vets, 24/7/365, with no limits on purchases.

Need to see the fine print? It’s Right Here.

To Qualify:

You must have served in the U.S Military, e.g. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard.

That was the hard part. Now the easy part.

Open your email program and share the details of your service with us. We’d like to hear about it. Dates, Ranks, Duties and Stations. TDY here, deployed there. If you like, share your story. Like the time the loadmaster on that C-141 (130, 5, 117 etc.) left your duffle bag in… Or of the night carrier landings you made as a passenger in the back. Maybe the time you sent the new guy in your unit to supply for a bucket of prop wash. Well, You know… Tell us your story, how you served. No Veteran’s or Military I.D card required, no forms to fill out in triplicate or more, no stipulations whether you saw combat or not, No DD-214. It’s that simple.

From one Vet to another, Everybody’s Service Matter(s)(ed). I appreciate what you did or are doing, and understand. For approval, I’ll email you an invoice with your approved pricing.

Thank you for your service!

Woodworking is fun. It is an opportunity to create and make that comes straight from within ourselves. We routinely work to 0.001 tolerances making tools that help many tools you already have work even better.

We like to think of our tools as a means toward your successful woodworking outcomes, no matter what you make or how you choose to make it. You may prefer hand tools only, power tools mostly, or a mix of both. We appreciate the freedom to choose. We do not know in advance what our tools will help you make, but we try to help keep your options open. We make tools that offer a lot of leeway and capability that can help develop your skills and help assure accurate, quality results. Tools that help woodworking get as close to as fine as we can make it.

To all our clients, past, present and future, Thank you for your support and business. We strive to offer durable and capable craftsman made tools at a fair price, always. While we don’t offer sale pricing, we do offer discounts to students who are actively engaged in woodworking education, and appreciate your dedication to learning these craftsman skills. Many things may change over a lifetime, but you’ll never give up your craftsman skills.

If you are a woodworking student and interested in how you may qualify for a discount, please see Our Details For approval, I’ll email you an invoice with your approved pricing. Thank you for honoring the craft!

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