Jul 24 2014

Magstrop™ Sharpening Stations. New From Evenfall Studios

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Magstrop Leather 50/50.jpg

The Magstrop™ Sharpening Station: Leather 50/50.

Think micro-abrasive compounds, emulsions, sprays.

Magstrop  All Glass.jpg

The Magstrop™ Sharpening Station: All Glass.

Think abrasive and micro-abrasive papers and films.

The Magstrop Combo Glass/Leather.jpg

The Magstrop™ Sharpening Station: Combo Glass/Leather.

Think all of the above.

Quick-Change Strop Tops.jpg

Quick-Change Strop Tops™, held physically and magnetically.

Station uses a bench hook. Clamp it in the vise.

Is 14-3/4 inches square.

Cuts it’s own sandpapers.

Magstrop Sharpening System.jpg

Imagine the possibilities.

The Magstrop Bench.jpg

The Magstrop™ Bench.

Uses the same Strop Tops™.

Magstrop Sharpening System.jpg

Fixtures in a bench dog hole.

Measures 11-1/2 by 3-1/4-inches.

Portable sharpening in the space of a whetstone.

Magstrop Sharpening System.jpg

Again, imagine the possibilities.

Possibilities can become realities in your shop.

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