Jul 14 2014

Guilty as charged – I am a Toolmaker

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And I blog… If I could, I’d like a few moments of your time. I have a few thoughts I want to share.

When I began the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Blog in early 2008, I was an avid woodworker (still am) and I was running a woodworking business part time. I spent a lot of time writing to woodworking and making topics that I wanted to flesh out and help us all become better woodworkers and makers, and I did. To be certain, I still do want to continue this work.

In 2009 I evolved the business into a full time concern as a toolmaker and our blog naturally evolved into a company blog, announcing not only the new tools we release, but considerations about how they work, and how they can help woodworker do better work through using them.

I love using and restoring hand tools. In our shop I use a good many of the same tools most hand tool users have, give or take a few. My production requirements as a maker of tools, jigs and fixtures also has me running a Hybrid Woodworking Shop with all the usual suspects you’d imagine in the shop machine and power tool department.

I also work in Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Plastics, Glass and Leather, and we offer these materials in our product line. For a year we also offered textiles in the way of granite surface plate covers as well, all sewn right here.

Because of the precision requirements of the tools we offer, most days I spend my time thinking more like a machinist than a woodworker, in any material I’m working. I find that I really enjoy using all these skills and tools in all these aspects of fabricating and tradecraft work.

Going back to 2008, a few different blog aggregators were started, mostly for the hand tool woodworking community. They picked up our blog’s RSS feed, headlining our blog posts whenever we published. This was greatly appreciated, and helped share our content with a lot of readers.

Unfortunately, trying to write blog content to specifically fit an aggregator’s target readership isn’t easy when the scope of one’s work is wider than that. In fact, it slowed our blog updates to just product announcements and articles about our tools, so as to remain relevant to the readers on the aggregators that carry us.

To be fair to our readers, writing to fit any specific type of content isn’t helping us explore all we had hoped to in woodworking and fabrication with many different materials. I find myself wanting to write to my interests, and I feel that is a good direction to go. While wanting to be sensitive about advertising, understanding that it can be overdone, we are also a business that wants to freely share information about the products we make with the world. Promoting and discussing the tools we offer to woodworkers and makers will continue to be a big part of what posts on our blog.

We think our blog content will improve in an interesting way as I move toward trying to write more frequently about all the different aspects of tradecraft I practice or have interest in. Not limiting myself just to hand tools or woodworking, even though that is a large part of our work. As a byproduct of my want to explore beyond hand tools and woodworking with this blog, our articles may not remain relevant to the specific focus of some aggregators or readers. It is my hope that both our readers and the aggregators will continue to find our content interesting all the same.

I wanted to share these thoughts about the future of this blog. Thank you for your continued support of our product announcements and articles about our tools. This will continue. Our tool business is our main focus, and more articles about new releases and using our tools in the shop will be forthcoming. Please know too that we intend to try and write more often, and explore some of the many other making possibilities that are reflective of all the different categories found in our Woodworks Library.

Beyond this, our entire website here at Evenfall Studios is a robust resource for woodworkers, fabricators and makers. We invite you to visit and revisit often. Navigating our site is super easy, there is google search at the bottom of every page. An ever expanding library full of public domain books filled with information, many articles, and references. Please feel free to explore and utilize them. Links to it all are right along the top of our blog and website.

We are enthusiastic about and value those who read our blog. We hope you will continue!

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