Jul 05 2014

Woodworking Squarely

Recently we have had some emails from woodworkers who have been having challenges with building their projects and having them come out square.

The biggest thing we need to realize about squareness is that we take it for granted, but when we really have to make something square, it is something that begins with wood selection, and evolves from meticulous prep work.

Our layout lines have to be drawn on stock that is already “right” in terms of squareness and dimension.

The joinery we cut and form into those boards must be as accurate as the stock itself.

Fitment will tell the tale. Errors when we make any become cumulative, and sometimes the only trick that works is to be right.

In my answer to those emails, I forwarded a link to a blog article that I wrote back in 2008 that was really helpful to them in getting their minds around what really was critical to their projects, and also about what was necessary to help themselves build any woodworking project better.

If you want to build better from the ground up, please feel free to read this article. You’ll find it in our blog index, and here is a link to it:

The Challenges To Squareness

Please remember to look inside the index of our blog for many other detailed articles that will help you work wood better!

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