Jan 31 2014

Shooting Boards for the Veritas Shooting Sander

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Veritas and Lee Valley Tools have recently released their new Veritas Shooting Sander. We offer a full line of shooting boards and accessories for use with the Veritas Shooting Sander.


Our Veritas Sander Shooter Line of Shooting Boards.

Do you have or want a Veritas Shooting Plane or Shooting Sander? These tools will interchange on the same shooting board. Use our ‘Veritas Shooter’ shooting board for both!

For the woodworker who is not ready to invest in handplanes and the sharpening maintenance that is part of using planes to their full potential, the Veritas Shooting Sander is a great tool that will allow for utilizing the full advantages of a shooting board. If you already are an avid shooting board enthusiast, this tool opens the shooting board’s options and capabilities even further, making the toughest jobs that need truing possible and easier.

The Veritas Shooting Sander is a handplane-like sander that utilizes the same concepts a handplane does on a shooting board, but uses sandpaper instead of a plane iron to abrade material into final dimension instead of cutting it. Because it uses sandpaper strips adhered to it’s platen, it is reversible and ambidextrous. It sands on the push and pull stroke, and can be employed in both the left or right hand. Fresh sandpaper can be exchanged quickly, and it’s simple to use and maintain!

There are benefits to shooting in many situations. Both sanding and planing have their own subset of benefits in which there is some overlap, and some exclusive domains. Sanding when shooting can be of advantage in a number of situations. Veneers and thin stocks can be very fragile, and easily damaged. Reversing grains can also be difficult to true, and endgrain is not the only part of a work piece that can be trued with a shooting board.

The process of shooting is done to accurize the ends and edges of a work piece. Our shooting boards are made to provide the woodworker or maker a tool that provides full accuracy over this process. The chute is straightened and flattened to 0.001 inch, and is coplanar to the surface the work rests on. The shooting board fences are made straight and square to 0.001 inch on certified granite and can be calibrated for accuracy at any mount point the board has been supplied. Please see our Features and Specifications page. In other words, if a Starrett square has a certificate of accuracy, that same accuracy can be transferred to setting the fence angle on our shooting boards. These are precision tools.

Sometimes we work with woods in a flitch, where the matching grains are the main attraction. Other times a drawer front is matched grain in an apron styled table or desk, and the fitment is crucial to the look of the piece. We need to prevent damaging these parts as we work them toward their final dimensions, because using a flitch or other grain matching methods means the final look of the piece is from the sum of all it’s parts.

Moldings are another realm that can be very fragile, particularly when they become very ornate. The orientation of moldings can make them difficult to support while shooting. Sanding these can sometimes reduce the risk of damaging them. The capability to sand while shooting can be very beneficial and worth having in your shop.

Sanding while shooting opens up a lot of additional and non-traditional options and possibilities for the woodworker and the maker. This means we can use the shooting process to accurize materials we ordinarily have not been able to before, or would avoid shooting with a handplane, because the material isn’t appropriate for planing. We can now consider plywoods, and MDF as well as other manufactured wood products. Also plastics such as acrylics and polycarbonates, composite materials, etc. For shooting angles onto Aluminum and Steel, there are great abrasives available for accomplishing that, and we recommend using our Disc Sander Shooter.

Many abrasives are available beyond what is sold for the Veritas Shooting Sander. Think outside the box. It isn’t limited to sanding sheets, even though that encompasses a lot of options. As a for instance, 1×30 and 1×42 sanding belts are available from a number of different sources such as Lee Valley, Trugrit.com, Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop and ECON abrasives to name a few. There are many different kinds of sanding media and a wide grit selection for durable sanding and finishing of all kinds of materials including steels, from super coarse to sub micron. 2 inch width belts are available from some suppliers as well.

While these 1-inch belts are a little narrower than 1-1/4 inch, they can be easily cut to 9 inches long, cut lengthwise to be narrower, and combined to be wider so as to fit the full 1-1/4 inch platen if needed. We offer a sandpaper cutter on our Sharpening Station 1 that will help trim abrasives to size for this as well as help keep your edge tools sharp. Then the back of the abrasive sheet is sprayed with an adhesive like 3M 77 or equivalent, and appropriately positioned on the platen of the Veritas Shooting Sander and used on the shooting board. Remember, the sandpaper does not need to be positioned lower than the bottom of what you intend to sand.

The trick to all of this is to cut close to the line and shoot in to the final finish. The finish is the accuracy and surface quality you desire. If a material can be reasonably sanded and it’s dimensions allow it to be appropriately oriented on a shooting board, this tool combination can help accurize it’s surfaces and dimensions, taking work to a new level of fit, finish and accuracy, without a power tool.

Veritas designed their Shooting Sander to be the same width base as their Shooting Plane. If you need a shooting board that works with the Shooting Sander, our full line of ‘Veritas Shooter’ style shooting boards will allow you to interchange either the Veritas Shooting Plane or Sander on our shooting boards with no modifications.

The Veritas Shooting Sander will shoot up to 1-7/16 inch thick material with our Double High Fence. The Veritas Shooting Sander will also work on our twin chute models like the Master Miter Shooter, with or without Chute Adapters, and the Long Grain Shooter as well. Our shooting board models which are not sold with Chute Adapter Rails will also work with the Veritas Shooting Sander, along with most accessories from our Shooting Board Accessory product line.

All Evenfall Studios Shooting Boards now come standard with Chute Adapter Rail mounting points, and ready for use with our adjustable Chute Adapter Rails. This means you can use the planes you have now, add a Chute Adapter Rail for a plane you acquire later, exchange Chute Adapter Rails for different planes you may have that can use one, or even remove them to accommodate different brands and styles of planes and sanders you may want to employ on our shooting boards.

We also offer kits that allow you to upgrade our early boards that were not drilled for rails, or retrofit a shooting board you have to utilize our Chute Adapter Rail systems. You can find them in the Shooting Board Accessory Section of our Store.

Versatile tooling for versatile woodworking and making. Chute style shooting boards for your Veritas Shooting Sander are available. They are the ‘Veritas Shooter’ style shooting boards we offer. If you have any questions, please ask. Ordering from us is easy. We would be happy to custom make one for you!

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