Dec 15 2012

Shooting Board Accessories II: Performance Enhancers

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This installment is about more of the accessories we offer for our shooting boards that either help them become more versatile, or perform their tasks better. If you missed the first installment of this article, you can read it here. Today’s woodworking shops need versatile tooling, tooling that can bring the best results to any project. I have designed a few things that help our already very versatile shooting boards perform even more useful tasks.


The Shooting Board Planing Stop is a really handy sort of planing stop. Often when we are working small or thin boards on the bench, they can be difficult to hold. Many planing stops are meant for thicker and often longer stock. There is also the need of keeping the plane iron safe from damage if the planing stop is metallic. This planing stop is capable of helping work a wide range of board thicknesses and keeps the plane blade safe down to the very thin stock range. One of the handy things about this planing stop is that it works with left or right hand shooting boards, and improves the ergonomics for the woodworker. You simply orient the board against the planing stop as you need.

The Shooting Board Planing Stop is made from 6mm Baltic Birch ( 15/64 nominal ) which allows you to safely plane boards to 1/4 inch with no fear of getting the plane iron into something steel. If desired, a piece of 1/8th inch MDF hardboard can be placed under the work piece to decrease the thicknessing range to 1/8th inch. It comes with mounting hardware, and is great for working boards too shall or thin to safely work with shop machines or traditional handwork methods. It is excellent for use with small box work, and other small piece work.


The Lie-Nielsen 51 Chute Adapter Kit is our upgrade kit for those who have already purchased a shooting board from us in the past, and have since gotten an LN-51. This kit retrofits all our shooting boards with right hand chutes back to day one, and is installed by the end user. It comes with complete instructions detailing how to do it with the hardware we supply for mounting.

It includes the Chute Adapter Rail which has a great degree of adjustability to compensate for the nominal sizing of planes and shooting board chutes, and both sides of the rail have been flattened to 0.001 tolerances for use. In other words if one side of the rail wears out, flip it over and use the other. We offer this as a replacement part for those who may wear one out as well. All that’s required is install it, calibrate it and keep it waxed!

Of course if you already have the LN 51 and want a shooting board for it, please look at our 51 Shooter line of shooting boards for a full line of options. We make these with the adjustable LN 51 Rail installed. We can also fit these rails to the right hand chute of the Picture Frame Shooter, Casework Miter Shooter, Master Miter Shooter, and the Long Grain Shooter as well in a two-rail configuration. You can find all these shooting boards in the Shooting Board Section of the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Store. We also want you to know that if and when Lie Nielsen produces the LN 51 in left hand, we are ready to supply boards for that plane as well!


The MFT/3 Cleat is an upgrade Cleat that can be retrofitted or installed when ordering so that if you use the Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table, this will allow our shooting boards a better fit when used with the side rails on the table. Often having the shooting board not be on the work bench is handy, and many Festool users do not use a traditional bench, but do like to shoot the ends of their woodwork. This cleat makes all our shooting boards and several other tools we offer a perfect fit on the MFT/3.

Installation is easy. We can intall it to your board as part of your order, or you can replace the Standard Cleat that was installed as an upgrade. It will come with new mounting hardware, and all that is needed is to remove and replace the four mounting bolts with a hex key to make the change.


The Standard Cleat is the cleat originally supplied on all our shooting boards. We offer this one as a replacement in case the original should become damaged. This is the “Hook” of the shooting board and transfers all the force of planing and shooting to the workbench. This is a replacement part, and it’s nice to know there is a replacement for your board should you ever need one.


The Bench Hook Board Lift is an accessory to all our shooting boards that helps keep long stock coplanar to the chute when planing. Often the overhang from long stock is too much to counterbalance. This accessory hels you with that. For some angles, where long stock may angle off the bench, I suggest catching it with a roller stand, but for most 90 degree work on long stock, this board lift is the key to accurate shooting.


The Long Grain Shooter Accessory Caul is a fixturing aid. It is meant to be used without the fence installed. Often when used in book matching boards, the edges to be mated together need to be trued on a shooting board. This is true of veneers and the backs and tops of musical instruments, where boards may be damaged if trued on a powered tool.

Sometimes the overall shape of boards is not square, and never needs to be square. The accessory caul is meant to be used as a form of holdfast, fixturing the edges that need shooting, parallel to the chute for planing. It will allow for the positioning of nearly any shaped board that will fit to be fixtured parallel to the chute, so that Book matching, or sunburst patterns may be possible. It is really only limited by the imagination.

I am always thinking of ways to help make our shooting boards be more versatile, and woodworking easier. New possibilities are always on the drawing board. Please stay tuned for future additions, in our New Products Section and please contact us if there is a tool you feel the marketplace is looking for. We are always interested in hearing from you!

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