Dec 12 2012

Shooting Board Accessories I: Fences

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Accessories for a shooting board? Well yes! Nothing brings the fit and finish of woodworking to perfection like a shooting board. High accuracy and shooting versatility is a hallmark of our shooting board line.

We offer over ten different shooting board styles that offer woodworkers an accurate shooting experience based on their choice of planes, their need to shoot rectangular or molding stocks or both, and the angles they need to shoot the most. What many may not be aware of is that we also offer a range of accessories for our shooting boards that help make them do a wider range of woodworking tasks.


The Standard Fence is the fence we supply with our Basic through Ultra shooting board line as original equipment. It is an adjustable fence made from 18 mm Baltic Birch (23/32″ nominal) that compensates for wood movement in any climactic season. Each fence face is made flat and square to 0.001 and is user calibrated for maximum accuracy in any positioned angle using tools as inexpensive as a drafting square. The angles used on the supplied fence are 90 and 45 degrees. It is a flippable fence that allows for shooting the 90 degree angle on one face, and flipped to shoot the 45 degree angle on the other face.

We also supply this fence as a replacement for woodworkers who wear out or damage the original 45/90 fence, and we make this fence with specific angles to match the full range of angles our Basic through Ultra shooting board line can shoot. For best results and highest accuracy we recommend using the fence made for the specific angle you need to plane.

The angles are always a combination of the 90 degree and the alternate angle. We offer them in 15/90, 22.5/90, 30/90, 45/90, 60/90, and 75/90, which covers all seven major angles our boards can shoot.


The Double High Fence is basically a double thick version of the Standard Fence. it is 36 mm high ( 1-7/16″ Nominal). It is used for backing thicker stock when shooting to prevent blowing out the wood fibers on the back side of the work piece as the plane cuts through them. It shares all the same attributes of the Standard Fence, for accuracy, and adjustability. It too is a flippable fence and can be supplied in all the same specific angle combinations as the Standard Fence.

When ordering a Double High Fence, we offer the 45/90 version complete with a pair of Double High Thumbscrews which we custom make to attach this fence to the shooting board. The 45/90 is the most popular combination of angles and is the one most woodworkers want first. We offer the Double High Fence in all the same angle combinations as the Standard Fence, and we recommend using a fence specifically made for shooting each angle. All angles of the Double High Fence other than the 45/90 are NOT supplied with the Thumbscrews, however the Double High Thumbscrews and the 45/90 Double High Fence are available separately if required.


The Any Angle Fence is a solution to many woodworking conundrums. Often we encounter casework or walls that are not square, yet we need to fit pieces that have complimentary angles which will create tight miters. Other times we are fitting tenons that have specific angles and we need to shoot them accurately so the layout can be successful. If we think about it long enough, there are many applications for this fence because shooting is for both the desired finish and fit, as well as the angle required.

The Any Angle Fence is a three piece pivotable fence made from 18 mm Baltic Birch with a radius on the chute end which will not foul the shooting board chute. The base fence is always fixtured by the pivot side Standard Thumbscrew, and can also be fixtured at any of the angles the shooting board model it is being used on will fixture. The fence is longer than our Standard and Double High models so a clamp can easily reach the fence to clamp it in place for fixturing most any angle between 0-90 degrees. The fence base is not meant to be used by itself alone.

Two fence faces are supplied in 1-inch and 1-23/32 high versions, which are squared and flattened to 0.001 tolerances. While only one fence face is used at a time, the 1-23/32 can utilize the full shooting capacity of a 2″ plane iron on our boards, and 1-inch is much more convenient for shooting thinner stock. To use the fence faces, simply set the fence base at the desired angle, and place the fence face of appropriate height between the base and the work piece, and slide the fence face over so it will “zero” against the plane iron and shoot. The fence faces are not anchored to the base so they can offer all the versatility for any angle you may require.

We recommend the Any Angle Fence be used mostly for when our Standard or Double High Fences cannot reach the desired angle. The Standard and Double High Fences are always the first line fences for high accuracy repeatability, due to their single piece design, dedication to the respective specific angles and fully mounted fixturing.


We also offer our Standard Thumbscrews and Double High Thumbscrews separately in case the originals should become lost or damaged, or alternatively if you would like to use them as a part of a project you have.


We make these 1/4-20 Thumbscrews here, in house. They are made from 316 stainless steel and brass for corrosion resistance and durability. We recommend finger tightening, but they each offer the ability to be loosened with either a wrench or hex key. They are all supplied in pairs with a brass washer, and make a fine quality thumbscrew for nearly any application.

Stay tuned for our next article in the Shooting Board Accessory Series, for more on how our shooting boards and accessories can help you make your woodworking better, easier, and more accurate. Have a look in the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Store at the Shooting Board Accessory Section for full details and pricing. All our accessories fit, support or will work for every shooting board (model appropriate) we have made back to day one. Artisan Made in USA, we ship worldwide.

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