May 05 2012

Introducing The Ultra Shooter Shooting Board.

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Shooting boards are key to woodworking fit and finish. We lay out carefully, work close to the line with our saws which leaves a rough finish, and clean off our saw marks with planes that bring us right to the layout line, with a smooth finish. Precise and accurate, no matter how we measure it. If it fits and looks good, it’s right.


Our new ‘Ultra Shooter’ is an expansion of our ’Deluxe Shooter’ model, providing seven calibratable angles from which to shoot accurately. It offers all the angles of the deluxe shooter – plus the 75-degree angle – which is very useful for trimming 15 degree wide pie shaped slices of veneer, or thicker stock for use in starburst arrangements, compass points, various inlay designs, or anything else you might imagine.

The ‘Ultra Shooter’ shares the same general design, accessories, precision and attention to detail with all our shooting boards, including the ’51 Shooter’ series.

The seven angles the ‘Ultra Shooter’ fixtures are: 15, 22.5, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90. You can order a ‘Standard’ or ‘Double High’ fence to match any angle the board can shoot. This board can shoot the angles needed to build most anything, and if you’re like me, you never know what your future woodworking projects may require. With an ‘Ultra Shooter’, you’ll be prepared.

Click here to see the Features and Specifications of our Shooting Boards.

For more information and ordering, please see the ‘Ultra Shooter’ Shooting Board in the Woodworks Store.

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