Mar 24 2010

Woodworking Haiku

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Staring at woodgrain
chatoyance dances with light–
the beauty revealed.

~ ———————- ~

What hath brute strength wrought
where finesse has shown cunning?
wisdom, woodworker.

~ ———————- ~

Ponder gnarled grain
twisting, turning, catching light
the path is simple.

~ ———————- ~

The least resistance
sharpness is known to coerce
wood can only sigh.

~ ———————- ~

Sunlight on woodgrain,
Second line jazz New Orleans
such vivid splendor!

~ ———————- ~

Cabriole Bossa Nova
They dance so free standing still–

~ ———————- ~

The Roubo stands strong
Awaiting the woodworkers–

~ ———————- ~

Finesse in silence
unneeded wood whisks away–
Sculpture revealed.

~ ———————- ~

Ying and Yang of wood
Who is the master of which?
Contest never over.

~ ———————- ~

The sharp rasp quickens
woodgrain tamed beneath its grasp–
shaped beauty springs forth.

~ ———————- ~

Inspire yourself
listen, the wood beckons you–
now make some shavings.

~ ———————- ~

Drill Pressed counterbores
Wood chips disappear to vac
Get back to work now. 😀

~ ———————- ~

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Happy Woodworking!

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