May 12 2009

Shooting Boards and they’re Red Hot!

Shooting Boards and they’re red hot, yes we’ve got em’ for sale!
Thanks belongs to the early bluesman, Robert Johnson, for inspiration on the blog title here.


Here’s a photo of a pair to draw to. The shooting boards, shown here in left and right-handed models. You could almost call them V-Twins, but darn it, somebody already thought of that…

Back in late March 2009, I revealed I was going into the woodworking tool business, offering high accuracy shooting boards with calibratable fences, which can be fixtured from 2-7 positions depending on the model. Woodworkers found this very interesting! I want to take a moment to say thank you to all who have purchased one. It has been a warm and well-received response from the woodworking community.

We continue making shooting boards and now offer about twelve different models as well as many other tools in our product line. Additionally, we have created a number of accessories for our shooting boards, making them the most accurate, well-rounded and capable shooting boards available anywhere.

Click Here for detailed Features and Specifications.


Left-handed shooting boards are available in every shooting board model we offer and have been since day one. All our accessories work with left hand models, and when Lie-Neilsen makes the LN-51 available as a left hand shooting board plane, we are ready to offer that option as well!

The first weekend of May 2009, woodworker and furniture maker Jeff Miller sponsored a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at his shop in Chicago. From what I understand, it was quite the event.

Ron Brese was an exhibitor at this event, and used our ‘Deluxe Shooter’ as the test bed for his beautiful infill miter plane. This plane is now one of Ron’s standard planes, and our ‘Deluxe Shooter’ is the original shooting board design here at evenfall studios.

The Brese Infill Miter
Cian Perez Photo

The Brese infil miter on Evenfall Studios ‘Deluxe Shooter’ Shooting Board
Cian Perez Photo

According to Ron, all those who made it to the event enjoyed the tools and discussions with vendors, and a great time was had by all.

A collection of Ron’s planes and our ‘Deluxe Shooter’
Cian Perez Photo

Cian Perez was at the event and offered me the use of his stellar photos, showing the shooting board, and Ron’s Beautiful Planes. Some of you may know Cian from his super useful How-To Guide, woodworking link sites: The Neanderthal Braintrust, and The Power Index. Thank you very much for offering me the use of your great photos Cian!

I can’t thank Ron enough for taking our board along to the show. If you ever get the chance to enjoy a visit with Ron at a tool show, you’ll find him to be a great guy and a resource of woodworking information. A top craftsmen who is always willing to answer questions and offer great insights. Get out and meet the toolmakers whenever you can! Be sure to visit Ron’s website as well!

Shooting with Ron’s Infill Miter
Cian Perez Photo

You can always see the latest additions to our product line in the New Products section of the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Store!

Let’s take a moment and consider woodworker safety.


So much has been said, all of it is good. For our part, I just want to remind you of this one important batch of thoughts.

Mindfulness is everything. Your brain is the most important safety device you have. Keep your mind in the work. Watch what you are doing. Think about how you going to accomplish every task, BEFORE you do it. Know where your flesh and clothing is in relation to the cutters and tooling. Regard any moving part or mechanism as potentially dangerous, in spite of the safety devices it may have, because in reality, it is inherently dangerous. Short cuts are throat cuts. Damaged body parts will never be the same as new. A clean work area is a much safer work area, so clean up frequently and often. If it seems unsafe or risky, trust your instincts, it probably is.

If you are working with a hand tool, please remember that they work best when they are surgically sharp, and without care and respect, they will cut you beyond the bone in a second. Dull tools are even more dangerous, it pays you dividends to keep them sharp in many ways. Fixture the work piece. Always keep your flesh behind the cutting edges. Never, ever fixture work with your hands when using chisels, gouges or planes. Use clamps, fixtures and jigs for this, and use both hands to guide the tool. Be very careful when working wood with knives and axes. Fixtures are not as usable here so know where your body parts are in relation to these tools and keep them from harm.

If you are using a power tool or shop machine, jigs, guides and guards are especially important. Consider carefully why a guide or cover is protecting you before you remove it. Take extra care when working small or thin stock with power tools. Small and thin stock is far safer to work with hand tools and proper fixturing. Consider a shooting board for this. If you are tired or agitated, it is time to consider stopping to rest.

One time is the same as anytime. You are never afforded certainty with carelessness. The one time you bypass any safe practice, you invite the perfect storm to come find you. It can ruin more than just your day.

Our shooting boards offer a lot in the way of safety when it comes to working wood. This is especially true when working small or thin stock, but over all, the use of a shooting board is one of the safest ways to approach perfecting your work. With accuracy capabilities to 0.001 of an inch, you can’t go wrong.

We make many tools in our product line that are designed to enhance and improve the outcomes of woodworking with many different tools. If you’re ready to take woodworking to the next level of perfection and safety, please see us in the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Store.


Thanks for everything, and please work safe!

We enjoy your comments! Please Contact Us.

Happy Woodworking!

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