Mar 18 2008

Metrology, The study of accurate measurement.

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Metrology is defined as the science of measurement. More particularly for the woodworker or the home shop machinist/toolmaker, one of the divisions of metrology, which is of particular interest, is applied or industrial metrology. This is about the application of measurement, the suitability of measuring instruments, their calibration, and the quality of the measurements they produce.


So the accurate instrument is applied to create a needed measurement. The quality of the measurements becomes the layout that evolves into successful production. The gist of it is that the woodworker is trying to produce a thing, and the thing is often rendered from a drawing and plans which include materials and cut list. The go between that takes the project off the prints and puts it on the materials being used are the tools of metrology. The measurement and layout tools.

The heavy hitter in the woodworker’s and home shop machinist’s shop then becomes not only the quality of the layout tools, but the knowledge of how to apply them, and the quality of the results rendered by them, and that trifecta is the system of dimensional metrology.

One of the things I have enjoyed down through the years is the process of laying out the work. It is something I have enjoyed professionally, and something I enjoy as a hobby, because the challenge, which comes from, it is always new. I am sure that for some, the problem-solving component of woodworking is what keeps their hand in it. It is not as much the end for some, as it is the means.

In any case, the subject of metrology, most specifically ‘dimensional metrology’, the tools and the layout strategies that they help employ are something of a fun puzzle for me, and will be a part of what I’ll write about here. It has it’s own category, and I’d like to extend the invite to click into the subject from time to time, just to see if there is something there for you.

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