Mar 10 2008

Tooling up with Hand Tools? The Big List.

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Back in early February 2008, an interesting thread was started on Bob Feeser, rfeeser to those who may look for his writings, was asked by a friend to ”provide a list of what tools a well-equipped small, machine-free shop might have”. So he consulted some texts he had on hand and “enhanced” it.

Turned out, the list is quite good. On Internet forums, one good turn deserves another, and so the feedback began. …And the list grew. People came up with some great additions for the list.

I know, I know, the list is a huge bugger, and there are a lot of things on it you do not need, and can get by without, but Bob was asked to go for ‘well equipped’, So he put in the initial time, and by the end of the thread, many other great tool additions for the list were suggested.

I went through the thread and edited further, adding what all was suggested by others. For the most part, I tried to be as inclusive as possible. Depending on your methods of work, there is likely something on there for everybody. So without further adieu, here is Bob’s “Gratuitous list of hand and small electric woodworking tools”, and thank you Bob!

    Awl, scratch, brad, birdcage
    Marking knife(s)
    Center punch
    Transfer punches
    Chalk line
    Combination squares
    Try or engineering squares
    Double square
    Framing square
    Saddle Square
    Plastic drafting squares
    Bevel gauges
    Retracting tape measure
    Folding rule w/ sliding extension
    Steel 4R graduated rules
    Steel 4R hook rulers
    Center finder rulers
    Golden ratio rulers (phi)
    Ruler stop
    Precise straight edge
    Plumb bob with string
    Marking gauge
    Mortise gauge
    Panel gauge
    Dowel centers
    Sliding bevel
    Dovetail Markers
    Beam compass
    Drawing bow
    Level(s) torpedo, beam
    Dial or vernier calipers
    Depth gauge
    Pencils (black & white, and/or mechanical)

    Crosscut saw
    Coping saw
    Fret/jewelers saw
    Bow saw
    Tenon saw
    Dovetail saw
    Keyhole saw
    Utility knife
    Folding knife
    Misc. knives
    Carving tools

    Paring chisels – a set of five or more common sizes is useful
    Chopping chisels – (aka butt chisels, may be thicker, shorter, sharpened at higher angle)
    Skew chisels, fishtail chisels, dovetail chisels, corner chisels
    Mortise chisels – commonly 1/4th inch and 3/8’s inch sizes

    Low angle block plane
    Bevel up or down planes
    Jointer plane
    Smooth plane
    Shoulder plane
    Rabbet plane
    Router Plane
    Plough Plane
    Scrub plane
    Cabinet scraper or scraper plane
    Card scrapers
    Scratch Stock

    Eggbeater drills
    Bits (twist, brad point)
    Ratchet brace
    Auger bits
    Archimedes push drill with bits
    Forstner bits
    Vix bits

    Smooth, Second cut, Mill Bastard, Double Cut
    Flat rasps and files
    Half round rasps and files
    Triangular files
    Forming tools (i.e. Sureform, Microplane)
    Riffler rasps and files
    Needle files
    File handles
    File cards and brass/nylon brushes

  • CLAMPS –
    Pipe clamps
    Bar clamps
    Parallel clamps
    Deep throat clamps
    Clamping cauls
    Hand screws
    Web clamps

    Claw hammer
    Soft-faced hammer
    Dead blow hammer
    Tack hammer
    Wooden mallet

    Flat bladed
    Philips head
    Square tipped
    Ratchet screwdriver
    Push screwdriver
    Screwdriver bits & adapter for brace
    Right angle (offset) screwdrivers
    Stubby screwdrivers
    Screw holding screwdrivers
    Jeweler’s screwdrivers

    SAE / Metric
    Adjustable wrenches
    Set of box wrenches
    Set of open-end wrenches
    Set of combination wrenches
    Ratchet socket set
    Allen/hex wrenches Regular/ball end

  • PLIERS –
    Slip jaw pliers
    Diagonal pliers
    Needle nosed pliers
    Channel lock pliers
    Wire strippers / Crimpers

    Pencil sharpeners
    Drafting supplies
    Graph paper
    Reference data
    Magnifying glass
    Nail set(s)
    Paint scraper (removing dried glue)
    Pry bar, small
    Sharpening abrasives (sandpaper, diamond stones, water stones, oil stones)
    Leather strop
    Honing compound
    Honing guides
    Sandpaper in many grits
    Sanding blocks in different shapes
    Vegetable tanned leather for clamp pads and other uses
    Finishing supplies (applicators, finishes, rubbing out materials)
    Rubber brayer for spreading water based glue
    Acid brushes for spreading glue
    Waxed paper to protect from glue
    Veneer roller
    Bolts, nuts, washers

    Belt sander, sanding belts
    Circular saw, blades
    Saw guides
    Electric drills, 3/8’s 1/2, bits (twist drills (fractional, number, letter, metric), brad point, Forstner or saw tooth, hole saws)
    Drill guide
    Finish sander, sandpaper sheets
    Random orbital sander, sanding disks
    Router, edge guide, bits, template bushings
    Bench top router table
    Bench grinder / wire wheel 3450/1725rpm
    Jigsaw, blades
    Scroll saw, blades
    Lunch box planer
    Shop Vac
    Heavy-duty extension cord(s)
    Power strips

    Bench dogs (round or square)
    Planing stops
    Vises, (woodworking and machinist styles.)
    Bench jack

    Bench hooks
    Shooting board for ends
    Shooting board for miters
    Shooting board for long edges
    Miter Jack
    Miter boxes
    Sanding blocks
    Storage for tools hardware and other materials

    Protective glasses
    Face shield
    Earmuffs and plugs
    Filter masks
    Half face respirators
    Protective gloves (appropriate to the task)
    Apron, cloth, leather
    Shop coat
    Fire extinguisher(s)
    First-aid kit including splinter tweezers

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