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Shooting Board Features and Specifications

Evenfall Studios - Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking

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"It's all about your details"

Fine Woodworking for your handplanes. Total control over accuracy. These are the reasons why.

Fine woodworking is about the details, especially the small details. The fit and finish, the creativity, originality, the accuracy, the magic. No other tool or jig in woodworking enables a woodworker to safely and accurately tune their projects to the 0.001 inch shaving thickness level of accuracy like a shooting board.

Evenfall Studios Shooting Boards are hand crafted and tuned to provide the maximum calibratability possible to help woodworkers, cabinet makers, furniture makers, luthiers and artists take their work to the levels of creativity and accuracy they dream.

We start with select Baltic Birch, a material known for it's high stability and mill it to very high accuracy. It has shown us over years of observation and testing to maintain this high accuracy very well.

Our shooting boards are built to last. We use only top quality materials and an exacting build process. We go to lengths during this process that are not common in woodworking, so that our tools will provide high accuracy to woodworkers with ease. We expect our shooting boards to be able to receive calibration from the finest squares and angle setters available, then transfer that same high accuracy to the work. With proper care, they will last for years.

Calibrating our shooting boards is super easy, and you do it in your shop with the tools you like. We recommend this each time prior to use, using inexpensive, yet highly accurate drafting squares, but many angle setting tools can be used. The built in calibration allowances give the fence the ability to calibrate wood movement out for the perfect angle, and provide a couple degrees of adjustment to either side of the perfect angle because the reality of angles in our work calls for this.

Our boards offer multi angle functionality from every model, from 2-7 angles, your choice. Single and double chute models in lengths from short to long bring capability, even improved safety to many tasks. Shooting boards that can multi task, doing the work of more than those built using traditional designs.

A full line of accessories for our shooting boards offer full flexibility in shooting tasks. Total accuracy over the process, increased capabilities, even more angles, improved production, and replacement parts should the originals become damaged or worn.

Shooting Boards that bring a value added experience with every use. We want you to have tooling you can trust. Please read on for more specifics about our shooting boards. We approach building all our tooling in much the same careful way.

As shown below, the The Brese Plane 10-238SBP infill shooting board plane is but one of many planes that can be used with this shooting board. Other planing possibilities include the Lie-Nielsen LN 51, LN 9, and LN 62, The Veritas Shooting Plane and Shooting Sander, LA Jack, Philly Planes Woody Miter, The Stanley 62 LA Jack, even any of the Stanley Bailey bench or block style planes. In other words, our boards are meant to work with about any plane. The planes you have and the planes you can afford.

J. McMahon Photo

Yes, it's true, wood moves. Select Baltic Birch is used for it's solid wood construction, many fine laminations, it's inherent stability and resistance to wood movement. It makes for a stout, hefty shooting board. The 2-3/4 inch wide chute is straight to 0.001 of an inch for accurate shooting. The chute is polished to 400 grit surface smoothness and waxed for low drag planing.

A dust groove is sawn against the board lift to help prevent the small chips and dust that fall during the shooting process from fouling the chute, and lifting the plane out of squareness with your work. This helps keep the details on every project the way you meant for them to be, right the first time. The entire board is hand chamfered with files to assure the edges remain strong and last for years.

Shooting your work to obtain perfectly squared or mitered ends matters on more than one geometrical plane; top to bottom as well as fore and aft. Our boards are quality checked and corrected so the plane rides the chute, coplanar to the board lift. This helps assure that the plane shoots square to the board end in any fence configuration. While it is true that wood can move, every shooting board leaves here giving your plane's lateral adjustability the maximum chances for any needed corrections.

Most shooting boards are of the bench hook design and this one is no exception. The stresses of shooting are all transfered to the cleat that "hooks" over the edge of the bench, or is clamped in the bench vise. To assure this cleat can keep up with the way you work, it's held on by four 1/4-20 flat head cap screws, tapped deeply and torqued directly to the base of the board. They are removable, and if damaged, are replacable to keep the shooting board up and running over the long run.

The fence is the heart of any shooting board. This one approaches the task a bit differently. The fence is a pivot design, with multi-angle capability and a slot in the far end for precision calibration. This means no matter the wood movement this jig may encounter, there is no reason you can't compensate for this immediately and shoot boards with high accuracy, every time, no matter where you live, any season of the year. These calibrations are possible with something as accurate, yet inexpensive as plastic drafting triangles.

The Standard Fence is shown, and currently there is also a Double High Fence model available, that is 1-7/16ths of an inch high. The fence has two working sides, one side for shooting 90 degrees, the other side comes standard for shooting 45 degrees. Both working faces are sanded flat to 0.001 inch flatness on a granite surface plate, to 150 grit surface smoothness.

Additional fences are available as options.

The fence pivot point, and angle points are steel reinforced counterbores. Each point takes three separate drilling operations, and has a steel threaded insert press fit into a bed of epoxy for a very strong and permanent connection to the base. Threads go 9/16ths of an inch deep, creating a solid connection for the fence.

The thumbscrew is custom made from stainless steel and brass, which is corrosion resistant, attractive, and can be loosened with an Allen wrench should it become overtightened, though hand tightening is all that is recommended. The threads are waxed, and a brass washer is included with the thumbscrew to help keep the fence in good condition under heavy use.

The boards are offered in Six versions. The Basic that is two positions, 90 and 45 degrees. The Basic Plus is a three position board that adds 22.5 degrees. The Multi is a five position board that adds 15 and 30 degrees. The Deluxe is a six position board that includes one more position at 60 degrees. The Ultra, which adds a seventh position at 75 degrees, and finally the Ultra Plus which adds a position at 67.5 degrees.

The whole idea is to provide you a product capable of transferring High Accuracy from instruments as fine as a Starrett combination square or protractor to this jig quickly, each time you use it. This means the jig working in ensemble with your shooting plane transfers that accuracy to your woodwork. It's all about delivering the quality you work hard to achieve for your projects, the workflow you enjoy, and the ability to provide for a lot of creativity in the process.

These shooting boards measure 14-3/4 inches square and have a lift platform that provides nearly a square foot of support for your work when set to 90 degrees. The lift and bottom are finish sanded to a 150 grit surface smoothness to help offer some skid resistance under working conditions. The finish is Watco Teak Oil, an "in the wood" marine grade finish for high moisture resistance. It is an easily repairable finish, should it need to be refreshed for any reason.

Additionally, these shooting boards are available in the Kanna Shooter model with a thicker board profile to acommodate the way Kanna are made, and the fence is mounted at the bottom of the board, nearest the woodworker because Kanna is pulled not pushed when used.

There is a Long Grain Shooting Board available as well. A Long Grain Shooting Board is basically a precision jointer. It can be used for fragile situations, such as a Luthier's need to book match fragile instrument woods with care. It excels on fine trims, starburst patterns in any angular orientation and book matching on veneer work. It can even be used as a small scale jointer for thin and delicate boards in the 24 inch range or less. Any situation where you need high accuracy in your woodworking projects.

For specific project examples, this jig is great for jointing true the edges of thinner boards used in jewelry box construction, puzzle making, fine joinery, multi-species glue ups or any delicate truing situation. They are also a great consideration when needing a safer way to joint edges than machinery can offer. You have the choice of fixturing to 90 degrees with a fence, or any orientation desired along the chute with a caul. The mounting bosses are provided for each method. The Long Grain Shooter Model measures 29-1/2 x 14-3/4 inches overall.

We make a number of high quality tools and jigs for both hand and power tool woodworking. All are made with the same care, precision and attention to detail as our shooting boards are.

Please feel free to look in the Evenfall Studios Woodworks Store for Ordering and further details.


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