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Golden Ratio Design Calculator

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Optimized for Woodworking
and other measured craft work.

Use this design calculator to determine Phi, the Fibonacci sequence,
Golden Section, Golden Ratio or Golden Mean dimensional proportions.

For more information about the Golden Ratio,
please visit Wikipedia:

The Golden Ratio


To Calculate a Golden Ratio:

Type your values into one of the text boxes
and tab out of the box to perform the calculations.

The beginning values in the boxes are accurate examples.
All that is needed for fresh calculations is to overwrite them.

Dimension1 The "a" value (as shown below)
Dimension2 The "b" value (as shown below)

Sum of Dimension1 + Dimension2

Round to:   places
Nearest fraction:  's of an inch

Dimension1 Rounded: 
Dimension1 Fraction: 

Dimension2 Rounded: 
Dimension2 Fraction: 

Dimension1 + Dimension2 Rounded: 
Dimension1 + Dimension2 Fraction: 


Here are some additional usage notes about the calculator, in no particular order:

  • Internally the Phi value is calculated using
    the formula found on the Wikipedia "Golden Ratio webpage.
    Phi= 1 + the square root of 5 over 2.
    (approximately the ratio of 1 : 1.618)

  • The dimensions are also rounded and converted
    to the nearest fractional equivalent.

  • There is no "Calculate" button - just type a value into a box and tab out of the box to cause the calculations to trigger.

  • You can change the precision of the rounded value by entering the number of decimal places worth of data you want displayed.

  • You can change the precision of the fractional value by entering the fraction denominator (e.g., to display equivalent sixteenths, enter 16).

  • The "Nearest fraction" value is the nearest fraction equivalent
    that is less than the non-fractional amount. (e.g. Rounded Down)

  • While the mathematics are extremely precice, there is no harm in rounding to the nearest workable fraction for practical woodworking design and execution. This adjustment is exteremely small, keeps projects buildable, and is not enough to throw the piece out of visual balance.

  • This Calculator eliminates the math, as well as Fibonacci Gauges and calipers. All you will need are accrurate tape measures or rulers.

  • It helps determine height to width ratios, height to length ratios, height to length ratios, length to width ratios, and can be applied to nearly any design to help develop proper proportioning.

  • To use most effectively, begin with either a length, width, or height that is a known design parameter, and use this calculator to help determine the other dimensions. Designs will fit the space intended,
    and with proper proportioning.
  • For a table of Fraction to Decimal Equvilents,
    Please Use This Chart.


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